City Loop

Reviewed By Filmnet
Posted 10/20/00 15:18:11

"A small, forgettable movie."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

"City Loop" takes us 'behind closed doors' in the tumultuous and high speed life of the pizza delivery person.

Katie (McElhinney) manages 'Speedies' pizza shop and is faced with maintaining her pride or continuing to sleep with 'studmuffin' pizza maker, Dom (Stapleton)...Robert (Cowell) and Erin's (Jones) frivolous friendship seems to be heading for danger as their attraction moves into the sexual arena...Misha (Johnson) is out to lose his virginity...and Stacey (Dorman), ex employee of the month has lost the plot and is spinning out of control. Their five stories intermesh to create a crazy night for all of them involving 'mooning', cat pizza and bus shelter sex...

Initially I walked out of "City Loop" seeing it as a fairly bland, non involving film...and yet after sitting (and laughing heartily) through the abominable "Cut", and later walking out halfway through the even more atrocious "Sample People", I could at least say it wasn't anywhere near the worst movie I have seen during the AFI screenings.

Essentially it is a low budget feature with a mostly wishy washy script in which Davis has tried to bind together the lives of several people through their five different stories. As a script device, this is quite effective, but the underlying written word is not strong enough to make the film that interesting. Similarly, the performances, while not bad per se, don't really stand out as anything spectacular...which is once again more a problem with the script and none too adventurous direction they are working with.

All in all, a film that doesn't leave much of an impression and will be hard pressed to get a commercial release.

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