Saving Silverman

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 12/13/02 12:15:12

"Ironically, this film CAN'T be saved."
1 stars (Total Crap)

I'm detecting a pattern here.

It seems like in order to get your basic adult-oriented comedy greenlighted in the mainstream studio world these days, the film has to have:

1. Men who are clueless - usually about women and romance.

2. Women who are three times smarter than the men, and they have to be shallow, anorexically thin and either nothing but bitchy or alternately nice and bitchy.

3. A plotline ridden with really tired cliches, such as men who are afraid of commitment, and try to keep their friends from getting married or making similar romantic commitments. And don't forget the classic "Wait, honey, I can explain" scene where a woman catches her boyfriend in a compromising position with another woman.

4. Plenty of gags involving bodily functions.

5. A vapid chase scene.

6. A vapid fight scene.

7. A guest appearance by a cheesy celebrity who had his or her moment of fame in the seventies or eighties.

8. Finally, the film's climax has to involve the main man and woman kissing in front of a cheering crowd of some sort.

Sometimes the formula will work, as it barely does in "The Wedding Singer" starring Adam Sandler and Billy Idol. But 95% of the time, the films that seem to fall into this formula - and there have been a lot of them lately - are total stinkbombs. "Saving Silverman" is indeed one of them.

The clueless men are Jason Biggs (he's Silverman), Steve Zahn and Jack Black. The smarter women are Amanda Peet and Amanda Detmer. The cheesy celebrity is Neil Diamond. There's also an appearance by R. Lee "What's Your Name, Scumbag" Ermey as a football coach.

The sorry excuse for a plot: Silverman is getting married to the wrong girl, and his friends are trying to stop him, along with a former love interest. As for what else happens, you can review numbers 1 through 8.

We might have another two or three years of movies using the aforementioned formula. Unless a distinctively different comedy becomes a major $200-million hit, the studios are just gonna keep churning out crap like this, and the frat boys and teenagers will eat it up. Lord save us all.

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