Monsters, Inc.

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 11/09/01 21:17:08

"Feed Me, Seymour"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Oh wow. This movie is totally funny and even kind of sad at times. I love the stuff about the doors. No, not the late sixties, early seventies psychedelic rock band led by the legendary Jim Morrison. I tell you one thing, I don't think Jim Morrison is the role model those Disney folks are trying to make him out to be.

My favorite monster is the big hairy blue guy. I asked the Disney/Pixar rep for one of the big cardboard blue guys they had in theatres but he said they didn't get any. I normally don't collect movie memorabilia because, guess what?, I just don't care that much about movies.

But that blue guy, I don't know, there is just something about him. His voice is done by John Goodman who played not only the husband of popular sitcom queen Roseanne Barr on the hit show Roseanne, but he also played a really nasty pig of a man in a Coen Brothers film called O Brother Where Art Thou . That movie was a far cry from their cult favorite Raising Arizona. That seems to be their thing, making cult favorites, because all their films are so unique. For more about the new Coen Brothers film, The Man Who Wasn't There, use the search function! Its fun!

Anyway, the blue guy is the loveable, good hearted oaf who just happens to get himself into a fix because of his equally good hearted but somewhat smarmy friend, the one eyed green guy. The Monsters have normal people names because they live in this reverse human world that looks a lot like Sesame Street on 'shrooms. The blue guy is named James P. Sullivan. How dignified is that? And the one eyed green fellow, who is voiced by Billy Crystal, from the popular seventies sitcom, Soap, where, he incidentally, played the very first openly gay character on television. That was a milestone in popular culture!

See, in this parallel world, the electrical company is actually the scream company! The monsters scaring children at night work for this big power company and they catch the screams and that is their electricity!

The monsters don't realize that the kids are actually terrified. To them, its just a job, they don't think about the kids at all because their job is just to get the screams. Else there would be no electrical power! It becomes a moral dilemma when a little girl accidently walks through the closet door and into the monsters world. Normally, a decontamination unit would come in and KILL THE CHILD! This is way too much like Auschwitz for a jew like Crystal to have any part of this project. It gets better though, like in A Christmas Carol. The blue guy and the one eyed guy, named Mike Wazowski, figure out pretty quik that the touch of a child won't kill them like they are led to believe.

They were told some pretty bad lies to keep them under control and thats part of the problem. Mike and James turn into something like revolutionary fugitives becuase their discovery threatens the very stability of Monster world. They don't want to scare children anymore when they find out what terror is but they can't just leave their world in the dark. To make it worse, there's a bad monster, voiced by Steve Buscemi, who everyone cheered when his name on the credits rolled, named Randall, who wants to be the number one scarer but its worse. much much worse.

There's a conspiracy afoot to extract the screams of children in the most horrible way possible, making scarers like Mike and James irrelevant and probably unemployed. And then the greedy owner of the power company can sit on a pile of gold while the rest of the populace starves and dies. See, there is only one company in the Monster world. And that's the scream factory. It's a weird economy. There is, however, a restaurant, so I guess you can work there if you don't want to work with the scarers.

It seems really bad at first, but it gets good. The bad guy gets it right in the ass in the end by the furry blue guy who really digs it! The one eyed green guy is hetero though and he gets busy with another one-eyer who has snakes for hair. And all her snakes have serious attitude. The little girl finally makes it back home and the evil, greedy, power hungry industrialist gets SO BUSTED. In the end, its all good.

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