Rocket Man

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 10/24/98 05:16:42

"Hollywood, we have a problem."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

The only reason that Rocket Man really interested me was the fact that one of the main characters had my last name... Commander William Overbeck, played by William "Bill and Ted's Grim Reaper" Sadler.

It was pretty fun to watch and hear "Overbeck" in the dialogue. The rest of the time I spent cringing at the pathetic plot lines and lame jokes.

Fred Randall (Harland Williams), looking like Pee Wee Herman trying to impersonate Cosmo Kramer, is a designer of spaceflight simulation software who gets pulled into a mission to send the first humans to Mars. Along for the ride is Cmdr. Overbeck, Julie Ford (Jessica Lundy) and a chimpanzee. Some of the highlights (or lowlights) of the film: Fred paints with astronaut food, gets stuck in the space toilet, farts uncontrollably while in his space suit, leads the world in singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands", and repeatedly utters what I guess is supposed to be the film's catchphrase: "It wasn't me!" Blecch.

So you have been warned. See this film at your own risk.

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