Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 08/25/98 01:51:47

"Calm down, Oliver."
3 stars (Average)

Jennifer Lopez. Woohoo.

This movie plays like a student film gone horribly amok.

Whereas Natural Born Killers was just short of a violent psychadelic joyride, U-Turn is merely a ride. Oliver Stone goes from color to black and white. He goes from 35mm to 16mm to Super 8. He goes from a normal (or what passes for normal) shot to a scene that appears to be framed in some sort of weird "walleye vision." NBK showed the craziness of death and of media frenzy, and the frantic camerawork there enhanced a thin story about violence and the media. U-Turn has the same sort of visual style, but it falls short here, and an already shaky plot suffers.

What saves this movie, what makes it an interesting - if nothing else - 2+ hour sit, are the characters. Forget the story: it's a rip off of John Dahl's superior Red Rock West. But this movie has quite a cast who make it worthwhile: Billy Bob Thornton, Sean Penn, Powers Boothe, Nick Nolte. And Jennifer Loez. Rowr.

But Clare Danes and Jouaqin Phoenix steal what movie there is as a pair of young redneck lovers. Danes is a hoot.

Clare: I just looooove Patsy Cline. I wonder why she don't put out no more records?

Sean: That's probably 'cause she's dead.

Clare: Oh my. Well, that's sad. Don't you think that's sad?

Sean: Yeah, well, I've had time to get over it.

U-Turn is a frantic, violent movie. If not for the cast, it'd be unwatchable.

An interesting little diversion.

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