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Awesome: 4.49%
Worth A Look: 12.36%
Average: 23.6%
Pretty Bad42.7%
Total Crap: 16.85%

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by spork-girl

"Travis Birkenstock's best performance in short-shorts EVER!"
2 stars

Ya know, I swear I liked it. That said, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

This movie stank. Seriously. The direction was all over the place, wait-what am I saying... it had direction? It really didn't. There was no goal, no climax to speak of, and no real point.

Allow me to summarize:
Ryan Phillipe is a Jersey boy with big-city dreams. He's also hot. This is how he lands a job at Studio 54. And if you've seen the previews... no, he does not uncover a web of corruption or any such shit (where do they come up with that stuff?) he is a willing participant in the drugs, booze and sex. More than willing, from the look on Sela Ward's face, if you catch my drift. He's infatutated with Neve Campbell, who has about 3 minutes screen time. His buds are Travis Birkenstock (Ok, that was his name in Clueless, and that's who he is to me, but apparently he wants to be called Brekin Meyer) and Salma Hayek. Those two are married, but at one point they were really building towards a Phillipe-Hayek affair, which never materialized.

In any event, Birkenstock is stealing from the supercool Mike Myers character to finance his drug dealing to finance Hayek's disco singing career. Confused yet? Oh, just wait. Eventually Myers gets nailed and goes to Club Fed. But oh! he just fired Phillipe, so he didn't get in trouble, and he goes legit, as do the others. When Myers gets out there is some pathetic reunion party or something, though the point of this is unclear, since Myers no longer owns the club and the others don't plan to frequent it again... and that's the end.

Oh, and the rappin' old lady from the wedding singer dies somewhere in the middle. (spoiler!)

Now, allow me a moment to bitch and moan, if you will. The previews for this movie were completely misleading. Going into it I thought, oh it's going to be a "two-lovers-from-different-worlds-find-love" type thing, but then something happens and mike myers fires Phillipe and says to him "She can't tell one of you from the next! Don't forget how replaceable you are!" Naive little girl that I am, I thought he was talking about the actress with top billing, Neve Campbell. But no, oh no, they're talkin about the friggin rappin lady...and when he says that, she's alreday dead. Neve's part is tiny. And there is NEVER that line "So are you asking me to be your girlfriend now?" like in the previews. They never get remotely close to dating.

Ok, I'm done now. Sorry. In actuality, this movie was quite enjoyable. It was cute, funny, you got to see people coked out of their minds and have sex...not to mention seeing Ryan Phillipe's butt. However, if you're looking for a strong storyline, good dialog and a well structured piece of film, you will be severely dissapointed.

Ryan Phillipe is hotter than when he played a gay guy on One Life to Live, and Travis Birkenstock is in it. That's gotta be worth somfing. 2 sporks, to be exact.

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originally posted: 09/02/98 06:16:05
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell dull & sleazy 1 stars
2/20/14 Wayne This film was HEAVILY edited before it came out--that's why it makes no sense. 1 stars
12/28/05 Jeff Anderson Mike Myers' performance is the ONLY great thing in this cliched & anachronistic fiasco! 1 stars
5/22/05 Cham Boring. 1 stars
9/18/03 Samuel Justus Why didnt they make a 'Waynes World 3' ?? oh why... 3 stars
6/08/03 james what the hell was this movie about? 1 stars
4/25/03 mr. Pink Ugh, where's the story, the glamour, the glitz, the sex. Where's everything !? 1 stars
3/21/03 May Q. Horney Bad news: MM& SH most forgettable I ever saw them. Good news: NC&RP were likewise. 2 stars
3/02/02 Alan Smithee Mike Myers performance was great, and Neve was hot, but the movie blew chunks. 2 stars
2/01/02 Andrew Carden Worth Watching For Good Performances and Retrospective On The Club. 4 stars
9/03/01 Butterbean This movie didn't bother dramatizing how the REAL celebrities partied at 54? Fuck that! 2 stars
8/07/01 Mr. Hat Mike Myers is good. Other than that, this movie sucks donkey penises. 2 stars
4/01/01 Jesse L Boogie Nights was stupid soft porn...this is just stupid 1 stars
3/06/01 Jake I found it entertaining and much more enjoyable than Boogie Nights 4 stars
11/28/00 Cristopher Revilla watch this if your horny, if your intelligent, dont watch this shit 1 stars
10/21/00 Terrie Smith Nothing really to get excited about; Campbell & Myers make the most of it. 3 stars
5/27/00 Elvisfan I was born the same place & year as Shane & moved to NYC when he did 4 stars
3/10/00 Kyle Broflovski Meyers redeems it somewhat...I just wanted to eviscerate Phillipe, and that's not like me. 3 stars
2/12/00 Lame-Oh Neve and Myers were great. The rest was garbage. 2 stars
11/05/99 Anthony Ellis This movie was a poorly-crafted mess. No character development. Woefully awful!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
9/05/99 Elizaveta hahahahahahahaHA. 1 stars
7/19/99 Chef ADogg Watery...perked up whenever Neve or Myers was on screen 2 stars
5/10/99 Ah Dooey A poor, unnecessary rehash of Boogie Nights and Grease 2 stars
4/11/99 Tristynn I just about died with boredom...stupid, dumb, a no brainer and dull,,,, 2 stars
3/14/99 Love Donkey Beyond rotten 1 stars
3/08/99 CanadianChica I loved it, i felt like dancing afterwards. Besides, Phillippe is nothing to frown upon. 5 stars
10/31/98 Bad Kosh Is it some kind of disco shit or does it get any worse? 2 stars
10/24/98 Vick Di Brecci A poor, unnecessary remake of Boogie Nights 2 stars
10/18/98 natalie It was alright. Neve Campbell 3 stars
10/13/98 grunter disco scrubbed clean for "hets" and the "family values" crowd - lies, all lies. 1 stars
9/28/98 John Hawkins I hate disco but I really loved this movie! 5 stars
9/27/98 The Canadian Beaver Eh Sherry Stringfield can suck my dick anytime!! 5 stars
9/24/98 Red02 OK I know it wasn't supposed to be but it was hillarious to me! 4 stars
9/20/98 katherine igo 2 see neve. shes in it 4 2 secs. the rest was ppl siting around smoking dope. big wow. 2 stars
9/15/98 Gamma Mike Myers was AWESOME. Proves he can do drama 3 stars
9/15/98 jhanu the het-washing of disco continues 2 stars
9/15/98 zeek pretty lacklustre but worth it to watch salma hayek ;-) 3 stars
9/14/98 Keith Griffith Did I misunderstand recent history? Wasn't disco something to do with gay people? 1 stars
9/14/98 Chip Taylor Myers ... stick to comedy. You're a nobody and a stranger in the world of dramatic movies 2 stars
9/13/98 Daniel Eskin Stunk like an old goat after being puked on 2 stars
9/09/98 Young Einstein Breckin Meyer rules the school. Ryan Phillipe is a nobody. 3 stars
9/05/98 Marsha It sucks! Ryan Philippe sucks more. Neve is alright. 1 stars
8/31/98 edicius 54...the only movie where you get to hear Mike Myers say, "I want to suck your cock." 4 stars
8/29/98 Miss Stress Drugs and we really wanna remember polytester suits and the bustop????? 3 stars
8/28/98 Mister Whoopee I really liked it, but I'm a disco-freak. Myers was great. A real departure for him. 5 stars
8/14/98 {{{OZ}}} I forget 3 stars
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  28-Aug-1998 (R)
  DVD: 06-Jul-2004


  12-Nov-1998 (M)

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