Bubble Boy

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 08/25/01 13:28:21

"Stupid funny"
5 stars (Awesome)

I keep telling people that if you want Hollywood fare this summer, your best bet is to go see every stupid comedy and go stoned. Bubble Boy is the stupidest comedy yet and uses anything it can get its hands on for laughs. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this film. And that's why you should go see it.


Boy, in bubble, escapes to save girlfriend from marrying some hipster jerk.

Along the way he crosses paths with sideshow freaks, mud wrestlers, bike gangs, a cult (led by Fabio) and snaggle tooth geezers who all either want to get him or help him.

They all come together in the end for a big finale. Its like watching a musical in terms of structure. But this film really does not deserve a discussion about structure. Anyone that goes to see this movie simply won't care.

Bubble Boy is all sketch comedy and gags. And its funny because it just keeps pushing the limit.

With Jake Gyllenhall as the Bubble Boy, Jimmy. Swoosie Kurtz as Jimmy's mom and Marley Shelton (Sugar and Spice) as Chloe, Jimmy's love interest. Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) plays Dr.Phreak, the boss of the freak show who doesn't like to be called "Mini".

Nothing more to say really. It's a stupid comedy and for me, cinematic relief from all the edgy, angsty, intense, moving, poignant, heroic, dark, honest, and genuine indie films I've been seeing a lot of. Screw the wetblankets. You are going to see some dumbass flick anyway may as well see something that's not only funny but that also pissed a few people off because they can't lighten up and take a joke. Well duh, I know that life threatening illnesses aren't funny, necessarily.

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