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Delta Force, The
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by Slyder

"Laughable Bullshit Pro-Americanist Propaganda"
1 stars

My dad is always a continuing influence over me in my choice of what movies to rent, and this case was no exception. For some reason my dad picked up this film at the rental store. I wasn't surprised to find out that it was a Chuck Norris flick, but I was surprised to see that Lee Marvin was also in it, so I took a stab at it and rented it. I can regret that I saw another shit movie, but what the fuck? I enjoyed myself laughing at the stupidity of the film, and it still surprises me that Marvin agreed to star on this movie. Chuck Norris? Blah, you know the story.

The film is basically a rehash on the true story about the hijacked TWA flight 847 airliner that occurred a year before the film's release. An American AWT Airliner (ironic isnít it?) is flying from Athens towards Rome and to New York, when a couple of Arabic terrorists seize the plane. One of the Terrorists, Abdul (Robert Forster) forces the pilots to redirect the plane towards Lebanon and into Beirut. There, the Jewish hostages are taken out and taken to a terrorist hideout in Beirut, and more terrorists get in the plane. After that they go to the Algiers and release the remaining women and children. The Delta Force, a US anti-terrorist squad, see this as an opportunity to redeem themselves after the disastrous rescue attempt of the American hostages held in the US Embassy in Iran. Headed by Colonel Nick Alexander (Marvin) and Major Scott McCoy (Norris), they proceed to Algeria to try to retake the plane, but fail after knowing that there are three American passengers still hostage on the plane. Thanks to this the terrorists shoot an American passenger to hell and throw him in the tarmac of the runway. That passenger turned out to be a US Navy diver, tough shit. So again, this time with revenge, they go back into Beirut and rely on Israeli intelligence to save the American and Jewish hostages and the crew of the plane.

Sounds promising donít it? Well, for the first half, it was promising, as the film takes you into the nightmare of terrorists hijacking a plane. The sequences were 100% realistic and were really a thrilling, spine-chilling ride. The real praise ultimately goes to Robert Forster, who plays the head honcho terrorist Abdul. Forster steals every scene he's in and portrays the terrorist with excellent accuracy, and it's thanks to him that the hijacking and hostage scenes are believable and thrilling, my hatís off to him. The settings also help, since the film was shot in Israel, and the cockpit interview scene where the pilot is giving a press conference from the cockpit at gunpoint will certainly bring some chilling memories from the actual TWA flight 847 incident back in '85.

The script is 90% based on the entire TWA Flight 847 scenario, but then the film is diverted into popcorn action flick style that reaches the depths of film mediocrity and absolute stupidity. There is little originality on the script, since practically all of it is based on the actual events. It seems to me that the original idea was to make a movie that described the entire account of what happened, because for basically the entire first half and up towards the second half, the entire scenarios and the killing of the American Navy sailor who was called Robert Stethem (from which an Arleigh Burke class destroyer was named after him) are nothing more than a recreation of the events. With all that, it's fair to say that it would've been wiser for the film makers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, to keep on going with the original idea, and an even better film would've been (just like they did with the TV movie "21 hours in Munich" which revives accurately the entire account of the terrorist attack in the Olympic games in Munich in 1972), but for the look of it, no they didn't.

Instead, they decided to make an American wet dream on how would they have loved the incident to end. Of course, we've seen many cases where a film mixes fact with fiction for their own gains much better than this one. I mean it would've been great if they had added some realistic scenarios on how to solve the problem and shit like that. Well, in certain ways they did, they changed the original TWA Boeing 727 and put in a larger ATW Boeing 707. They also altered the hostage releases (the women and children were actually released in Lebanon, another part in the Algiers and there were still hostages in the plane) for the benefit of the script, which I found pretty clever, but that was about it. The rest, they would've done the same for the second half right? Wrong, and what do they offer you?

a) Bad acting. Except for Foster, Lee Marvin is struggling, you can see his deception, and try not to laugh when he's talking with the rescued German flight attendant and yells out "What?" Chuck Norris is on autopilot, and as one-sided as ever. George Kennedy is totally wasted here, and Shelley Winters...ugh.

b) A totally stupid James Bond-style car chase through the streets of Beirut, the funny part being that Volkswagen Station wagon is bulleted with more holes that it still keeps on going and our heroes inside aren't hit by any single bullet. Just for the record: JUST SHOOT THE FUCKING ENGINE, IT'S IN THE BACK OF THE VW FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!

c) A WWII-style disembark and an unbelievable rescue shunt by our heroes of the Delta Force. Just wondering, how is it that for most of the time the Arab soldiers act like complete jackasses during that entire sequence, and how is it that they shoot without aiming. Sure, the Delta Force in real life went to free the hostages situated in that building, but come on, watching this version of the rescue is like watching a rehash on the Rambo-scapades, that's because it is just that. Menahem, Yoram, why not do what you were doing; recount the rescue the way it was? Fuckers.

d) The first standoff, an absolute ridicule. What do you need to take out an entire fucking convoy full of soldiers ready to bust your ass and your partner's ass? Simple, grab a rocket launcher each and blow the motherfuckers to hell, and escape. What about the rest of the soldiers? Do they retaliate? No, they just sit there with their dicks in the air waiting for this motorcycle to pass over them. The motorcycle? Keep reading.

e) If you're a fan of bad action films, you'll most certainly enjoy this. A fucking motorcycle that launches rockets in the front and back and has some type of mini-machine gun in the front. I was just laughing to death when I saw that piece of shit, and with that stupid thing still kicking lots of Arabic ass. Watching the ineptitude of the Arab soldiers in trying to retaliate against the Delta Forces, along with the ridiculous standoff between McCoy and Abdul and last but not least, Alexander's freeing of the hijacked plane was more than enough to certify this film as a complete lackluster bomb. Especially the last scenario, certainly one of Marvin's most embarrassing screen moments. I was laughing through this entire second half, since it's just outrageous on how people can come up with some pretty lame-ass ideas.

You see now? Gee, the entire second half is so bad you just want to go and hang Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus by the balls for wasting an hours worth of your life. The quality of the film is also pretty bad that some of the settings look blurry and more like they were filmed in a studio rather than in the locations. When the film finished, I started asking myself why did Golan and Globus divert from the original idea? Why did they come up with some crazy formulaic action bullshit? Why did Lee Marvin, George Kennedy and all those great actors agreed to appear on this sack of shit? What the hell is Chuck Norris doing there? To see Chuck Norris on a film, you at least expect some ass kicking, right? Wrong, he doesn't even do a decent martial arts fight, he just slaps a few Arabs and then later he slaps Abdul just like a fucking pimp would beat his ho for not paying him. Maybe the last question I shouldn't be asking because back then; Norris was Golan and Globus' bitch, so? Ugh, bollocks.

In the end, don't watch this piece of shit, and if you want to watch it, I suggest you watch the first half of the movie, then turn it off and watch the video documentary 17 Days Of Terror to finish off your day. But if I were you, I suggest staying away from this movie and watching the Documentary only. Hell in most cases the fucking documentary is even better than the film, way better. Bottom line: Stay away from this fucking movie.

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originally posted: 12/09/01 09:18:38
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User Comments

7/07/14 mr.mike Very entertaining. 4 stars
12/14/11 matthew Thompson Dalldorf Uneven but entertaining. 4 stars
3/13/11 Sam Utter BS.Dont ever waste yourtimeor money on this film. 1 stars
12/28/08 Sugarfoot So-so action flick drags a little in the middle, Lee Marvin is always a welcome presence. 3 stars
8/17/05 ES I thought this one for sure was destined to be redone as a musical 2 stars
5/10/04 John bearable as long as Marvin is on the screen, when Norris takes over it's just crap 3 stars
3/22/04 amit its best action movie with motorcycle as good as F 16 5 stars
2/18/04 Alexander I have no problem seeing the U.S. go Cartman on the Arabs. 3 stars
9/15/03 Anna Id rather shove a granade up my arse & end myself rather than watch this movie again! 1 stars
8/20/03 King of Cows What is with that gay as hell motorcycle? 1 stars
7/09/03 Sam Moszynski The review is right. First hour is awesome, second hour is just plain stupid. 3 stars
6/19/03 R.W. Welch Sets up well, then steadiy looses believability. 2 stars
5/27/03 Lars I really hated the catchy action theme over & over 1 stars
3/09/03 Jack Sommersby Solid, well-directed actioner. Norris, Marvin & Forster are solid. 4 stars
3/07/03 Charles Tatum Whatta cast in such a piece of garbage 1 stars
2/10/03 Barnes AWESOME... MOVIE OF THE DECADE 5 stars
11/09/02 Pjotr I like the film so much, that I bought the original video at ebay!! Unbelievable, mh? 4 stars
12/04/01 Patrick Mchardy This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. VERY BAD! 1 stars
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  14-Feb-1986 (R)
  DVD: 29-Aug-2006



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