Super Troopers

Reviewed By Brian McKay
Posted 02/17/02 19:06:43

"'Police Academy' done 'Animal House' style."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

You've probably seen the trailers, and yes, the movie is as juvenile and silly as it looks. But it's also funnier than you would expect. It's refreshing to be able to laugh at a movie like this, one that is stupid, but doesn't cross the stupidity threshold into insulting your intelligence or being just plain tedious.

It's essentially a series of comedy sketches tied together with a plywood-thin plot about a "professional" rivalry (I put that in quotes because these cops are anything but), between a division of Vermont Highway Patrolmen and the local cops from the town on their stretch of road. These two groups of incompetents are constantly brawling, playing practical jokes on each other, and stepping on each other's jurisdictional toes. Naturally there's some big drug-smuggling ring in town as well, with each department trying to get the big bust so that they can win a budget increase from the state.

The cast is mostly unkowns, at least to American audiences, since they are from Canadian sketch comedy troupe "Broken Lizard". A few recognizable character actors make appearances in the supporting roles, including Lynda Carter as the governor (who I hadn't seen in anything since the Wonder Woman days, and who STILL looks damn fine). But the boys from Broken Lizard are a funny, likeable bunch, playing up on every cop stereotype (Most of them have the cheesy cop moustaches) while recklessly abusing their authority in the name of fun - good, clean, or otherwise. Usually otherwise.

Make no mistake, this is definitely lowbrow humor of the "Animal House" or "American Pie" variety, but God damn, it's pretty funny. The laughs are punctuated by an obnoxious yet toe-tapping heavy metal soundtrack, and the pacing rarely gets bogged down in any attempts at dramatics or serious plot or character development. Whether this ends up being a breakout film for the Broken Lizard team outside of Canada remains to be seen. Probably not, but go see it anyway.

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