Notorious C.H.O.

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 07/02/02 17:40:20

"I laughed so hard my hemorrhoids popped out of my ass"
5 stars (Awesome)

I’m in LA right, being a “journalist” or a “critic” or a “starry eyed drifter” and staying about two steps behind myself. I was scheduled to go to a pitch seminar for an audience with some development executives who wanted to hear my (and others) ideas. That same night was the last screening of Notorious C.H.O. I was going to miss the press junket and therefore the opportunity to interview Margaret and I thought I’d skip the film as well. The day of the screening I was in such a foul mood I thought that it would better for me to just laugh and have fun then it would be take a critical (albeit repeatable) step in my writing career. I knew Margaret would get me back to my happy place and I was not disappointed.

Cho and I grew up in the same streets, with the same kinds of influences so I regard her as a spiritual sister. A Sistah. While I don’t remember her being so “made for gays” before, I like how she takes a bold approach to not only her scandalous stories but also to tackling the social issues at the center of my own life: racism, sexism, homophobia, high colonics and ass licking drag queens.

We’re surfing the same wave, if you will.

This is Cho’s second time around with a filmed concert after her highly received “come back” tour and book I’M THE ONE THAT I WANT.

Margaret Cho has peeled back the safety façade many performers use to mask their REAL act. The public is a tricky beast and the common wisdom is to shoot for the middle ground. In other words, pull up your pants and water it down. Cho has always been funny and her imitation of her mother is always a crowd-pleaser even if it says nothing about Cho’s range and depth.

In Notorious C.H.O., Margaret has recast herself as female, Korean Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor. She has done for herself what they have done. They defied everyone who said someone like her could never make it. That nobody would ever care. And that nobody would be interested in Asian comic.

Her timing and delivery are pitch perfect and her jokes keep on coming. She’s not ironic, winky funny. She’s balls out hilarious. I imagine after seeing this film you’ll have no problem talking openly about sex in graphic detail in line at the grocery store. For that reason alone, I highly recommend this film for tight-asses, prudes, the sexually repressed and ass-licking drag queens.

We also get to meet the infamous parents and many of Cho’s Seattle fans, where the film was shot.

Cho now lives in Glendale of all places. So maybe I can still gank an interview with her. It’d be overkill considering she’s like, everywhere right now but still .. Margaret Cho!

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