My Father and I

Reviewed By Greg Muskewitz
Posted 10/26/02 16:07:25

"In short: by tedium."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Tedious and dislocated familial drama that, when it musters up enough energy, takes turns ruminating, depending on the perspective of the characters, on the absence of a father, and the choice of having ignored fatherhood duties.

Michel Bouquet returns to his son’s home after an incorrect message of his death has been announced. While the elder son, Charles Berling, struggles with the psychological damage stemming from his childhood, Bouquet accompanies his daughter-in-law (Natacha Régnier) in a surrealistic Raoul Ruiz-ian recap of the many memories he has voluntarily missed out on. Intermittent pulse-beats are registered during a limited number of scenes where Bouquet, Berling, Régnier and Stéphane Guillon show signs of life themselves, despite their generally empathetic and respectable performances. Those vital signs, however, do not register regularly enough.

Directed by Anne Fontaine.


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