Cadillac Girls

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 10/24/02 06:29:12

"Canadian is as Canadian does."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Like many a Canadian movie over the past twenty years, Cadillac Girls is about rediscovering family in the small town you moved away from all those years ago. Despite the road trip sounding title, thereís not a whole lot of Cadillac activity in the flick, other than a girl screwing her momís boyfriend in the back seat.

When out-of-sorts mom (Jennifer Dale) and out-of-control daughter (Mia Kirshner) head back to the Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia to sell up a dead relativeís possessions, momís not exactly the flavor of the month. Considered a sell-out by the locals and a goof by her daughter, a chance meeting with a local writer (Gregory Harrison) ends up in some steamy sexiní.

While that may be reason to cheer in an American movie, in a Canadian movie it means everyone has to resolve their issues regarding sex, relationships, family and home. In the context of Cadillac Girls, that means mom has sex in the rain and her daughter has sex with anything that moves Ė including her momís new beau but not including a local truck-driving Native American (Adam Beach), even though she really wants to. Badly.

Directed by serial unknown director, Nicholas Kendall, who has seemingly directed more TV series' than anyone on the planet, yet canít get a movie in front of an audience, thereís nothing particularly exhilarating about whatís on offer in this outing. While Kirshner certainly has spark and is the focal point of things even when not in frame, Dale has a permanent hangdog expression that makes you feel like dialing a vet and having her put out of her misery. Male co-star Harrison has been in so many TV series, sitcoms and TV movies that itís hard to take him seriously, and the action consists of lots of yelling, sulking and the occasional make-out session.

As far as Government-funded Canadian films that deal with big-city girls coming home go, itís not bad. But as far as feature films in general go, mark this one away as a stinker.

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