Deviant Obsession

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 11/01/02 16:36:44

"You know you're an insomniac when you find yourself watching this garbage."
1 stars (Total Crap)

I swear, if I sit through one more ‘erotic thriller’ that involves someone being accused of murder and a hot-looking lawyer trying to solve the case, I’m going to vomit blood. We all know that these kinds of movies are hardly the summit of our cinema knowledge, but can we at least try to get something even remotely new in our softcore diet? Every flick I catch at 2AM is either based in a modeling agency, a strip club or in a police station. How about a summer camp? Why not a Gap store? Hell, a bowling alley would present us with some amusing possibilities - “No! Surely you can’t fit a bowling ball up there!”

Alas, when it comes to D-grade softcore pornos, the words “Eric Gibson – director” generally announce you’re about to be bored. Deviant Obsessions – a film that doesn’t really feature much devious behavior, nor much in the way of obsessions – is perhaps the low point of the softcore art.

First we have a lead actress that looks like she’s been used up an army battalion of black guys on Viagra. Brick Randall not only has the worst sounding porn name since Ebony Dickeater, she’s also a worn old thing. There’s hardly a part of Brick’s body that doesn’t look like it has seen better days, both before and after plastic surgery. Mark my words, if Brick Randall went on the Howard Stern Playboy Evaluation, you can bet that Senor Skin himself would tell her she better start calling Hustler. This woman is used up.

And apparently she’s also a lawyer, at least in Deviant Obsession world. But she’s no ordinary lawyer, she’s a lawyer who is dating a guy accused of murder. She knows he’s innocent (aren’t they always) and sets out to prove so, by working in a strip club and screwing the patrons. So THAT’S how Johnny Cochrane got OJ off – he worked in a strip club under the name of Johnny Cockring!

Anyhow, with the storyline safely tucked away into the realm of the ridiculous, the filmmakers then set about getting as much nakedness on the screen as possible. Only it seems they didn’t want to pay a lot for said nudity, being as they utilize hardcore porno faces such as Venus and Lauren Montgomery, while they let softcore sweetheart Gabriella Hall appear without even disrobing once. Hello? Why would you put Gabriella Hall in a movie and NOT have her take her clothes off? That’s like having Samuel L. Jackson NOT play a bad motherfucker or having Matthew Lillard NOT act like an annoying asshole. What’s the point?

Anyhow, if seeing women that look they’ve had hard lives take it all off is your thing, by all means grab a copy of Deviant Obsession and have at it. Personally I figure that for the cost of having the videotape shipped to you, you could probably just hire a crack-whore for an hour and end up with a far more satisfying climax.

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