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Awesome: 7.86%
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Total Crap: 21.43%

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Star Trek: Nemesis
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by PyThomas

"Final journey? Didn't seem that final to me."
3 stars

I guess I was expecting some really serious, tragic-yet-heroic story, the one where Enterprise "E" gets fully destroyed and most of the crew dies. Well, I will say this: The Enterprise does get in a wreck. And one of the major characters indeed bites the dust.

Paramount's been hyping "Star Trek: Nemesis" as the film where "a generation's final journey begins." And seeing how they've been able to crash their Enterprises (in "Search for Spock" and "Generations") and kill off their major characters (Spock, Kirk) in the past, I was looking for a big finish to the "Next Generation" storyline. Hell, when I think of "Nemesis", I think of that classic eighties goth-dance tune by Shriekback. You know, the one where the chorus goes "Big black nemesis, author of Genesis, no one moves a muscle as the dead come home". Well, along those lines, if this is the last Star Trek presentation with Chrome-dome and his crew, it's going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

This film, the tenth Star Trek cinematic release, opens up with the Romulan Senate being wiped out by a mysterious fumigator-type bomb that turns everybody to stone. We then cut to a wedding celebration for William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi-Riker (Marina Sirtis), with best-man Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) raising a toast. Another nuptial ceremony is planned on Deanna's ancestral planet of Betazed, where according to tradition everyone must attend naked. (Don't worry... the film ends before we get to that point.)

Those plans are temporarily interrupted when Picard receives orders from - remember THIS person? - Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew in a cameo) to travel to Romulus on a diplomatic mission to discuss a possible peace settlement with the makeshift leadership there. Some guy named Praetor Shinzon (Billy Corgan - oops, I mean Tom Hardy) is the new person in power from nearby planet Remus (Upon hearing the name of this planet, my eyes rolled big time), who happens to be an imperfect clone of Picard - a younger, more belligerent version of him. On the surface, Shinzon appears to just want a peace settlement brokered between the Romulan Empire and the United Federation of Planets. But we soon learn Shinzon's ulterior motive: to completely destroy the planet Earth, and conquer the Federation in the ensuing chaos that's sure to follow.

We also meet an almost-exact replica of Data, named Before (both played by Brent Spiner). This android is found in pieces on a desert-like planet, where Picard, Data and Worf (Michael Dorn) zip around in the Argo, basically a glorified dune buggy, in a scene that resembles a washed-out rock video. (Hmmm... desert-like world... a cloned person... a plot to completely destroy a planet.... Naaaah, probably just a coincidence.) Also along for the ride are TNG faves Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) and Geordi LaForge (LeVar Burton).

"Nemesis" plays like your standard-issue Star Trek TNG episode... plenty of action, a few plot twists here and there, some space-vehicle action and lots of witty banter among the characters. As a bonus, we even get to see Riker and Troi do the nasty for a few seconds. But this just ends up as just a decent film that's being hyped as something way grander than it actually is. And how are we supposed to take the Star Trek saga seriously now, when there are two planets in the same star system named Romulus and Remus, who JUST coincidentally happen to be the names of the mythological founders of the ancient city of Rome? It's like saying the planet next to Klingon is named Dingleberry.

I've never claimed to be a Trekkie (or Trekker). But after seeing "Nemesis", I kind of feel for the Star Trek fanatics as I'm sure some of them are also wondering where the guys in charge are taking this franchise. It's still a good movie... but as a "generation's final journey", it pretty much sells itself short.

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originally posted: 12/16/02 16:04:07
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User Comments

11/17/10 chris walsh **** awsome 5 stars
9/09/09 Nice one Berman Not for die-hard fans either- Holy Mother Of God it was awful! Not kidding. 1 stars
5/17/09 Sam Like Picard/Data fanfiction in cinematic form. Beware of vampire Romulans. 2 stars
7/08/08 Kang The android twins look like they were left by the warp core too long and have begun to melt 1 stars
5/26/08 Admiral Hornblower Patrick kept this one out of the drink... barely. 3 stars
1/23/08 V Cheaply ritten rehash of Star trek 2 with low budget FX worthy of Babylon 5.not the worst. 2 stars
12/16/07 Jason Typical star trek-BORING! Some good fight scenes. 2 stars
2/08/07 Gorgonzilla Not as bad as Insurrection. But still a horribly missed opportunity. 2 stars
8/21/06 Indrid Cold WTF??!! The movies are no bigger or more exciting than a typical episode of the show. 3 stars
3/26/06 ScottM The premise makes no sense. How does a slave build a hyperadvanced starship undetected? 2 stars
8/18/05 ES What ever happened to Q? 1 stars
6/12/05 Gecko Fanfoot Stuart Baird— YOU TOTALLY SUCK! Stay away from Trek! 2 stars
6/08/05 Drew Peltier A poor way to end the series 3 stars
5/18/05 Pippin007 Stars Wars is better. 2 stars
9/18/04 Jeff Wilder Badly written and cliched. 2 stars
8/02/04 P.Rodriguez Scott W. Is right on the money. 2 stars
4/24/04 Easter Lemming Only A Few Moments Prevent This From Being Total Crap 2 stars
1/22/04 Abe Giesbrecht Great 4 stars
12/14/03 Eric Boring and contrived, almost every facet of the plot is just to set up Data's death. 2 stars
11/17/03 Sanzai I liked it a lot, but I'm biased. Can't say what a non-fan would think.... 5 stars
9/19/03 Jim The big space battle makes it worthwhile 4 stars
7/13/03 3man I just hope they don't pimp out another Trek movie. 3 stars
7/11/03 Steve Watched after another better movie- didn't help! 2 stars
7/06/03 flip I can't believe they killed Data...... 3 stars
6/17/03 Gil Carlson Pathetic, lifeless drek and what's with those dune buggies? 1 stars
6/14/03 Jim Slade Tired rehash - Intended to those who will watch anything "Star Trek" 1 stars
6/06/03 Devin Rice It has two sides, one new and the other that has been used many times but maybe the best 5 stars
6/01/03 Rod Baird, while a competent director was not familiar enough with the characters. 2 stars
5/24/03 Gecko Fanfoot Every bit as bad as Star Trek, IT'S WORSE! 1 stars
5/22/03 Charles Tatum Above average effects and look lift awkward opening half hour 4 stars
4/19/03 Ubu the Ripper Unbelievably bad. This, unfortunately, was the franchise buster. Bring back Kirk! 1 stars
3/18/03 Mike IT sucks 2 stars
3/18/03 Stas Luban Nemesis has less plot than All My Children, and is a video game on big screen 1 stars
3/16/03 Cameron Slick the worst of the even numbered treks, but still quite a good premise and a cool climax 4 stars
3/13/03 Valerie Cameron Far far from the best of Star Trek movies. Takes so long to get going you hardly care. 2 stars
2/19/03 Matthew Jones Data dies, and the crew separates. And when the FUCK're they gonna make Picard an Admiral? 3 stars
2/12/03 alien assassin Not bad, but the entire concept is way past it's use by date. 3 stars
2/12/03 Dasboot A middle-ground Trek film that has its good points but suffers from some bad ones 3 stars
2/11/03 spacecowboy MAN, WTF!?!?!? and wtf did that Data dude die! MAN, WTF 3 stars
1/21/03 Eric Better than Insurrection, hardly the thrill ride that is First Contact. 3 stars
1/18/03 Nate This sucks, far too many errors 1 stars
1/17/03 Katub Trek X is a stinkfest of the highest order, and I'm being nice! 1 stars
1/14/03 snowconehead this movie is the epitome of the word "eh" 4 stars
1/13/03 Vitality1 Cheesy, but what ST movie isnt? Plus, has a Wesley Crusher cameo and Shinzon is yummy 4 stars
1/12/03 Vicious Blah. 2 stars
1/06/03 John Weak and ill-conceived 1 stars
1/03/03 Andrew F Bit cheesy, but still fun 3 stars
1/02/03 michaelb14 Not nearly as bad as I was expecting, not that bad 4 stars
12/31/02 Dominic I went to keep a friend company. I am thinking about never speaking to them again. 1 stars
12/24/02 bipartisan Time to milk some more $$$ from the Trekkies - awful, awful film 1 stars
12/23/02 3man Cool battle but poorly edited. I hope it's the end. 3 stars
12/22/02 Kent Wow - it sucked! 2 stars
12/22/02 Kraig Hamilton Piece of crap.... horrid... 1 stars
12/21/02 thermodynamic It's worn out, tired, unoriginal, just plain crap 1 stars
12/21/02 Billy Chan Don't listen to the naysayers...this is worth seeing, has plenty to recommend 4 stars
12/20/02 Roy Wall Best starship battle ever! 5 stars
12/19/02 Andrea I enjoyed it regardless of its flaws 4 stars
12/19/02 Joe Make It Stop Oh God Make It Fucking Stop 1 stars
12/19/02 Frank Grimes Ok, but a script that could stand on its own would be appreciated 3 stars
12/18/02 nick2k a travesty! this is supposed to end the tng-series?! fuck this shit! 2 stars
12/18/02 Uncle Salty Somewhat predictable, plus, haven't they heard of the Atkins diet in the future? 4 stars
12/18/02 Darren Shea Derivative of better movies, and pointlessly maudlin. For die-hard Trek fans only. 3 stars
12/17/02 Superdave Ah, its Ok, and worth seeing, but don't get your hopes up 3 stars
12/17/02 Steve Strahlk As a true scifi buff, there are few films that hold a candle to this one. True Trek! 5 stars
12/17/02 steven seagall hey, it's better than any movie i've ever been in... 2 stars
12/17/02 Saynt Tanami This was among the top three ever made!! 5 stars
12/17/02 ben awesome 5 stars
12/17/02 Benjamin Leatherman A lot of great action and a good villain, but less B4 would have made it better. 4 stars
12/17/02 bob didn't live up to hype 2 stars
12/17/02 Mortis I prefered Nemesis when it was called Wrath of Khan 3 stars
12/17/02 Hotaine The dead character was very much alive at the end of "All Good Things..." 2 stars
12/17/02 Roy Smith Go during matinee or hate yourself - stupid ideas abound. 2 stars
12/17/02 Tony Morris It is with much regret that I found "Solaris" a more entertaining film 2 stars
12/16/02 D Did Worf get demoted?He became Ambassador at DS9 end. I expected more for a finale. 4 stars
12/16/02 Matt Thiel I expected Lore to return. 2 stars
12/16/02 Jimmy Jamez eh. s'alright. go to a matinee. 3 stars
12/16/02 Lloyd Good movie brought down by bad editing. Still I thought it was OK 3 stars
12/16/02 Brandon Continuity Problems (B4)! Crusher, Worf, Geordi reduced to background clutter! Mind Rape! 1 stars
12/16/02 Boba Fett Booooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggg...shoulda seen Drumline 2 stars
12/16/02 Negman I found it more enjoyable than episode 2. 4 stars
12/15/02 Recockulous Oddly lacking in soundtrack, it was an homage to ST II. One of the top 3 ST films, I think. 4 stars
12/15/02 Kisuta Didn't feel like a big enough movie to kill off a main character. 3 stars
12/15/02 Trek nerds rejoice! You have more Rick Berman Star Trek crap to digest! Everyone else knows this is crap. 1 stars
12/15/02 iso Fucking amazing. If you don't like it, you're being too critical 5 stars
12/15/02 Damm Wasn't even worth seeing 1 stars
12/15/02 Nessus Was a pretty decent action movie, but it didn't feel like a Star Trek movie. 3 stars
12/14/02 brent young a really fun ride in the star trek universe and a fine (probable) ending to TNG movies 5 stars
12/14/02 Benjamin Leatherman Less B4 and more of the Remans would have made this film better. Still pretty kick ass!!!!! 4 stars
12/14/02 Kooler Everyone but Picard looks like shit. Riker could barely fit in the jeffries tube. 2 stars
12/14/02 Wazzy Utter crap. Broke even the easily bendable Star Trek laws. A waste of money. 1 stars
12/14/02 Miguel I'd honestly rather see Attack of the Clones again than this... 2 stars
12/13/02 Wayne I'd rather listen to Shatner sing than see this crap again. 1 stars
12/13/02 Brian Rocks!!!! 5 stars
12/12/02 Randy started great....then just tapered off 3 stars
12/11/02 Tony Young Though the territory has been tread before, this film is invigorating with great characters 5 stars
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  13-Dec-2002 (PG-13)
  DVD: 04-Oct-2005



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