Seduction of Mimi, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 12/12/02 12:33:23

"One for the 'feeders' only..."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

This is sheer madness, I’m telling you. Sicilian dock-worker Mimi (Giancarlo Giannini) votes against the local Mafioso candidate in what he thinks is a secret ballot, but before he can say “oops” he’s been sacked from his job. Leaving his wife (Agostina Belli) behind to work in another city, he starts an affair with Fiore (Mariangela Melato), a local Communist organizer who allows him to stay in his home and ends up popping a kid with him. While going about his new job, the Mafia decides that Mimi would make an ideal boss-man and thus they give him a better job than he started with. The catch: he has to move back home and keep his mistress and new child a secret.

In trying to keep his new woman happy, he agrees not to sleep with his wife, but when she falls pregnant, he realizes that someone has been in the hen house. His revenge on the man in question: a bit of ‘what’s good for the goose’ action on the adulterer’s wife (Elena Fiore).

That’s where the second catch comes in… see, she’s not exactly good looking. In fact, she’s not at all good looking. In fact, she’s a big fat, mole-faced beast. She has the head of a rhinoceros and the butt to match.

Oh good lord… at least they wouldn’t show her getting naked or anything… right?

Wrong… (gulp!)

The Seduction of Mimi is like a train you can see coming from seventy miles away, only you’re unable to get off the tracks. The seduction doesn’t just point to a sexual situation, it also points to how people become seduced by outfits like the Mafia, which promise much but only manage to entangle those drawn in. Perhaps a little more relevant to Italian society than our own, The Seduction of Mimi nevertheless tells a story worth telling.

Long, drawn out, at times disgusting, at others nauseating, at others compelling, fat fans are likely to get the biggest kick out of proceedings, especially the final act. Elena Fiore is hilarious, but I certainly did not need that extreme close-up of her butt – using a fish-eye lens. I’m going to have nightmares about that shot for years. She’s just hideous, and what’s worse, she’s not ‘easy’. This means you just have to sit there, watching, waiting for the seduction to take effect. You can see death coming, you can watch it plotting it’s evil course, but no matter how much you just wish it would get it over with, it takes it’s time and tortures you for the duration.

And then, when the seduction finally exacts it’s hideous revenge on Mimi and the audience, we’re subjected to a long slow strip by a 250lb Italian mama, complete with extreme close-up of a cheesy, pockmarked rump. What follows is some hideous, scary-looking sex where the only thing not shown is a big, fat, sloppy ‘gina.

Thank heaven for small mercies, eh?

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