Just Married

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 01/26/03 11:49:25

"Engaged couples, see this at your own risk."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

As I write this, it is about four months and two weeks to my wedding. Yep, I tie the knot on June 7, 2003. And here it is, right in the heat of wedding preparations, and my fiancee wants to see "Just Married." I personally wondered if this was a good idea.

As it turns out, we both thought it was wickedly funny... though I found myself cringing through parts of it.

This is basically a slapstick comedy showcasing just about everything that could go possibly wrong with a courtship, wedding and honeymoon. It focuses mostly on the honeymoon part, however. We do follow Tom (Ashton "That 70's Guy" Kutcher) and Sara (Brittany Mathers... er, Murphy) as they first meet up, go out, propose to each other, meet her wealthy and fairly snobbish family, and walk down the aisle. As I said, all those moments are brief vignettes leading up to the honeymoon in Europe.

First the newlyweds try to join the "mile high club", with painful results. Then they almost burn down their first hotel, an old converted castle with 19th-century wiring. Then they get stuck in a snowstorm in their rented car. (Or laughable excuse for a car. Ever see one of those European ultra-compacts? There's a reason that some of those models aren't permitted on American roads.) Then they find lodging at a hotel in Venice, where the walls are so thin, they literally break in on another couple's romance. On top of all this, one of Sara's ex-boyfriends is in Venice, and he's more than willing to take a hammer to the already paper-thin ice that Tom and Sara's romance is on.

Basically put, if you're looking for intellectual, refined comedic prose, you ain't gonna find it here. It's mostly exaggerated physical humor, with smaller parts of romantic comedy and crude laughs thrown in. And standard-issue ending aside, there's surprisingly very few cliched moments in this film. Certainly none of those tired wedding-ceremony cliches, thank God. And if anyone remembers the TV show "Sledgehammer" from 1986-87, you'll probably recognize the man playing Sara's father: yep, none other than David "Trust Me, I Know What I'm Doing" Rasche himself.

Maybe after a few years of marriage, I'll see this on a cable channel and find it a bit funnier than when I first saw it. I guess it helps that Sam Harper made the plot outlandish enough that it can be laughed at by anyone in any stage of relationship. At least my fiancee promised never to throw a ten-pound ashtray at me.

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