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Star Trek: First Contact
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by PyThomas

"Picard & posse vs. the Borg. Nuff said."
5 stars

In this, the eighth big-screen Star Trek installment, we get a little history lesson about the future.

We get to find out how planet Earth first got into this big intergalactic mess. Seems that in the 2060's, after World War III, some guy in Montana named Zeffram Cochran invented the warp drive (now standard equipment in your basic Federation starship), flew up in a missile-turned-rocketship, and caught the attention of some aliens just passing through.

Fast-forward now to 24th-century Next Generation society. A Borg vessel is spotted heading toward Earth. Suddenly it disappears through a wormhole and all of a sudden, Earthlings are all Borg-heads. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and crew follows this vessel back in time and inadvertently winds up in the middle of the aforementioned historical event.

Evidently, the Borg plan to sabotage the historical meeting between Earthlings and aliens. "Number One" Riker (Jonathan Frakes, also the director of this film) and LaForge (Levar Burton) bump into Zeffram Cochrane and find out he's not quite the charismatic visionary they learned about in high school. Picard and Data (Brent Spiner), meanwhile, encounter the Borg Queen in charge of the operation and try to put an end to the assimilation-a-go-go.

This film has everything you want a Star Trek movie to have: an interesting story, humorous bits here and there, cool-ass costumes (especially the H.R. Giger-designed Borgs) and your favorite Next-Gen characters. And you actually learn something new about the history of the Federation.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be assimilated.

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originally posted: 08/25/98 08:28:55
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User Comments

1/23/19 morris campbell a solid entry in the series 4 stars
5/27/13 Jeff Wilder Best Next Generation Trek movie and one of the best in the series. 4 stars
5/17/09 Sam Not since Khan has there been a Trek film like this. Assimilate me! 5 stars
9/03/08 Shaun Wallner I love space movies! 5 stars
10/03/07 johnnyfog A cool time-travel story. The Borg rule. 5 stars
2/18/07 Nick Maday A great bit of sci-fi. I used to watch it all the time. 4 stars
2/03/07 Vip Ebriega It's the Next Generation crew doin' the same thing. 3 stars
1/22/07 Abs Loved the space battle at the start, sets the pace nicely for the rest of the film 5 stars
10/02/06 Jeremy Davies The best of TNG movies, not as good as Star Trek 4 4 stars
8/11/05 ES Borg r cool but OMG Again with the time travel! 2 stars
7/02/05 Indrid Cold Seemed mediocre to me. The idea of a "queen" destroys the coolness of the Borg! 3 stars
6/12/05 Gecko Fanfoot Frakes—the boy from Bethlehem— knocks one out of the park! Great flick. 5 stars
6/08/05 Drew Peltier Best of the NG. 4 stars
5/18/05 Pippin007 Not Bad. Stars Wars is Better. 3 stars
6/14/04 PR The best in the series. 5 stars
4/24/04 Easter Lemming Fills In History, Adds The Borq Queen, Unfortunately Prepares For the Enterprise series 4 stars
3/19/04 Fred Atkinson One of the best Star Trek films. 5 stars
5/02/03 JL Awesome! anyone else think Picard is damn sexy! 5 stars
4/19/03 Ubu the Ripper Together with Star Trek VI, this is about as good as Star Trek can get on the big screen. 5 stars
2/23/03 YES Tons of action, suspense, a fun story, and great special effects. This is Trek at its best. 5 stars
2/22/03 alien assassin They should have stopped the series here - quit while you're ahead !!! 5 stars
2/19/03 Matthew Jones Good action. ENTERPRISE-E IS FANTASTIC!!! 5 stars
2/14/03 Eric Best Star Trek film, the action, situations, and tension rivals Aliens. 5 stars
12/10/02 Zefram Mann The Borg officially jumped the shark with this mess. 2 stars
11/23/02 Charles Tatum Good stuff 4 stars
10/18/02 Red Shirt Guy An okay entry, but tries to be "Die Hard in space" a bit much. 3 stars
8/19/02 P.Rodriguez Battle Scenes are fantastic. There should be more of those them. Patrick Stewart Kicks ass 5 stars
4/08/02 Film Guy FUCK Star Wars. Star Trek kicks ass 5 stars
4/03/02 Butterbean The Borg Queen makes Star Trek interesting again. 4 stars
3/31/02 Rockitman007 A Vast Imporvement over Generations......not that that says much....... 4 stars
2/27/02 Shrike One of the better big screen Trek jaunts 4 stars
2/23/02 Mark Lloyd Good film when taken for its own merits (good acting/plot/ etc) very bad Trek continuity 4 stars
12/16/01 Kenneth E. Carper Pretty good movie for the next generation! It is a sell out to Borg fans. Its pretty OK. 5 stars
8/02/01 KC Au That scene with them fighting in space suits is terrible! Who directed this?! 2 stars
8/01/01 TLsmooth I can't believe there are people out there who like Shit Trek better than Star Wars. 3 stars
7/05/01 Connoisseur I miss Spock and Kirk 1 stars
7/05/01 Owen Salmon I've read Federation and I'm telling you: FC is excellent! The best Trek ever. 5 stars
5/04/01 Gracy Lionheart Loved it. Much better than Generations. 4 stars
4/12/01 Emperor Matthew I This movie was pretty good for a TNG film, but I still like the TOS films better 4 stars
4/05/01 Hawkeye It's true- the even movies *are* the best ones. Really well done. 5 stars
3/12/01 Jon Cotleur You're all traitors. Go read the novel "Federation," then tell me FC was 'good.' 1 stars
2/19/01 Steve in Prague Avenger girls is a fat cunt 5 stars
2/04/01 Avenger Girl Trekkies need to get a life and grow up. This is total shite 1 stars
1/03/01 fifu i was disapointed after lov the older ones first contact wasn't as good 2 stars
12/28/00 Turtle The only Star Trek movie I can sit through without getting bored. It's great! 5 stars
11/02/00 viking The Borg were Great !!! 4 stars
10/09/00 Ground Zero 2 words: out-standing! 5 stars
10/08/00 Stuntman Excellent movie, better than Generations. The Borg rules, but so does Picard. 5 stars
7/18/00 Digitalus Of all of the ST movies, this is the bomb. Rent this damn movie! 5 stars
5/26/00 Add Sure its a hellva lot better than most Trek movies but still not as good as the 2nd. Khan! 4 stars
5/03/00 P.Rodriguez Easily the best Star Trek film to date. 5 stars
4/26/00 Pansy Saw this on TV, beats the hell outta SW: The Phantom Menance! 5 stars
3/09/00 Mr. Kramitall best ST movie I've ever seen. Not to mention great acting and FX! 5 stars
1/19/00 Jedi15 MUCH better than Generations. Great acting, costumes, and effects! A must-see! 4 stars
1/10/00 Will enough with the time travel plots, dammit. 3 stars
11/29/99 Crystal Fleming This movie really kicks ass!! 5 stars
10/24/99 Scarface good directing and excellent story make this movie one of the best scifi movies ever 5 stars
10/07/99 sophia962 Screws with TOS mythology a bit but worth it for the cool ass ending. 4 stars
10/03/99 Joe Schmoe I'm no Trek fan, but I love this movie. Better than Wing Commander, a classic. 5 stars
6/07/99 Elizaveta The Borg...another name for society... 5 stars
5/10/99 Arkansas Jon Another good even-# Trek film. The Borg kick ass, but so does Picard. 5 stars
5/10/99 Ah Dooey A must see. Better than that ID4 shit! 5 stars
3/06/99 Mike Rotch 'Nuff said. Agree with PyThomas review. Totally awesome. 5 stars
2/02/99 Jacques Strap Yo, now that's a real sci-fi masterpiece! Don't mess with it! 5 stars
1/03/99 Dasha FANTASTIC movie! 5 stars
12/31/98 JDC ridiculously overrated by Trekkies. One of the worst plots and scripts of recent scifi 1 stars
12/14/98 Johny Best Trek flick, easy 5 stars
12/05/98 Scion of Sailor Jupiter Incredible! Just "Incredible"! 5 stars
11/24/98 Ray Russ "Captain, I sense your animosity over my inability to act." 5 stars
9/26/98 Pat Flanagan Of the Trek movies I saw in the theater, was the best of them. 4 stars
9/13/98 BBReBozo Why don't they just fucking kill Troi? 4 stars
9/02/98 J-Guy much better than the first NG flick. I loved it. 5 stars
8/30/98 Johny entertaining, suspenseful, nice effects, nothing bad to say 4 stars
8/25/98 Mister Whoopee This could have really sucked. I'm not a trekkie so I thought it would. I was wrong. 4 stars
8/25/98 The Capital City Goofball Expected it to suck balls. It didn't. Great effects. 4 stars
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  22-Nov-1996 (PG-13)



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