People vs. Larry Flynt, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/28/98 10:53:55

"Not a bad word to say about it."
5 stars (Awesome)

People say that Courtney Love wasn't all that and a bag because she was just playing herself in this movie. I say to that - nobody else in the world could have played it better - ergo: she rocks.

People vs Larry Flynt is the story of a hillbilly strip club owner who worked out he could make more money selling pictures of nekkid women than the real thing.

Along the way, the puritans and religious right try to take him down any way they can, he get's shot up by a zealot and confined to a wheelchair, his wife get's hooked on his drugs, it's a real family tale.

But it's funny as hell, especially well written and performed. Harrelson is deeply annoying, yet you like him and want him to come through. Love is pathetic, but that's what she's aiming for and she nails it. Yes, this perhaps is a character she doesn't have to stretch to play, but why should she have to? She's perfect for the role. When Denzel Washington plays an african american do people say "bah, he's just playing the person he is" or do they say "great casting"?

I don't recall a weak point of this film. It soared. It rocked.

And Courtney get's naked and lesbianic which, while in this case not overly attractive in the true Hollywood sense, is always a nice touch.

"I wish I was black" - Woody's t-shirt

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