Tank Girl

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 09/01/98 02:44:36

"Two words: Mad Maxine."
3 stars (Average)

It's an ambitious effort, at best.

Tank Girl (Lori Petty) is a she-punk in the wild lands of post-apocalyptic California. She gets caught up in a scheme to control the earth's dwindling water supply.

There's not much here that Mel Gibson hasn't already covered in his Mad Max films. It's action-packed, for sure. What left a bad taste in my mouth was the splicing in of animated footage. That just gave the impression that they couldn't put some scenes because of their budget, so they filled them in with cartoon scenes of what happened.

Overall, though, it's a cool film with a bunch of missteps.

Recommended for only the fans of the Tank Girl graphic-novel series.

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