Apollo 13

Reviewed By K-Dog
Posted 09/08/98 18:11:06

"Why did this film win oscars????"
1 stars (Total Crap)

I don't get it.... I just don't get it..

Tom Hanks CANNOT ACT! Face it.
Then breathe, then face it AGAIN!

This film shows it..

This is the prime example of what I hate with Hollywood. The pat yourselves on the back 'WE'RE AMERICAN, AIN'T WE COOL??' film.

This film was so sanctimonius and up it's own arse that I felt physically sick all the way through it. It relies on the hope that patriotism will make people give a shit about a couple of astronauts. I know I couldnt care less. What did they accomplish in the big picture?? Nothing! What was learnt from this experience? Nothing! So why make the film? I feel that this is full of false emotion and pretentious script.

Why did this film win oscars????

I admit, the direction was well executed, the sound was top notch as was the FX. but the script and acting were so false..

I can only give this film the lowest rating possible.

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