South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut

Reviewed By Improv King
Posted 07/03/99 16:40:22

"Fuck the summer - the funniest movie of the YEAR!"
5 stars (Awesome)

Want to know why people are saying the latest episodes of South Park have been kinda weak? Because Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been saving their best stuff for this movie! I laughed so hard my face was beet red! I swear to God, I think the guy behind me was going to run to the usher to try and get me oxygen.

This is the movie I've been waiting for! A lot of the so-called "edgy" or "black" comedies from Hollywood wuss out and paste on a happy ending, or have their main characters pull back from doing things the test audience might find offensive. Not BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT (BLU) - not only do the characters cross the taste barrier, they set it on fire and then piss on it.
The plot is pretty simple - the gang goes to see a new film starring Terrance and Philip, those lovable Canadian fart-o-philes. The film, "Asses of Fire", is so raunchy, when the kids begin to recite lines from it, all the adults freak out. (Sound familiar?) Kyle's mom gets really upset (as usual), whips the community into anti-Canadian hysteria, which eventually leads to cross-border war. All hell breaks loose - literally, as Satan plans to use the hostilies to help further his plans to take over the Earth. It's brilliant - BLU is Trey & Matt's response to all the school boards who have banned South Park shirts because the students say a few bad words. The basic message: "Hey parents! Don't ban us - we're not the problem! TALK TO YOUR FUCKIN KIDS AND THIS WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM!"
Fortunately, the moral is wrapped in the usual South Park brand of sick humour. If you don't like the show, the movie won't change your mind. If you're a fan (as I am), you'll really appreciate the new levels BLU reaches. It has musical numbers in it, and they are the best part of the film, hands down. The tunes are catchy and the words are brilliantly tasteless.(I'd like to see Disney try to incorporate the lyric "doing handjobs for cash" into a title song!) The animation is a step-up too, although the 3-D computer animation didn't really mix with the cardboard cutouts. (i.e. Kenny in Hell.)
There's a lot of material in BLU that I dare you to not find funny - the bombing of the Baldwin brothers (check the address), the homage to Les Mis (the musical of course), Winona Ryder's USO performance, the return of Big Gay Al, and most of all, Terrance and Phillip's show-stopping hit, "Uncle-fucker". Trey and Matt are absolutely right about one thing - we Canadians are wholly responsible for corrupting American society. (Jim Carrey, Dan Ackroyd, William Shatner etc.)

In short, BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT is perfect. Many will disagree, but I think it should really be the series finale - South Park couldn't possibly end on a better note than this.

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