Yana's Friends

Reviewed By Greg Muskewitz
Posted 12/22/03 17:06:35

"Friendly, but too shallow."
3 stars (Average)

A cute Israeli comedy about a Russian Jew new to Tel Aviv, when her husband leaves her alone with his debts.

Eventually she is befriended by her roommate, an obsessive video-voyeur, who finally gets her to open up a little after taping her around town. (As their relationship grows, during nightly air raids, their ritual is: put on gas masks, put the dog in its plastic filter, and fumble through sex.) The movie follows some loose strands with the landlordís rediscovery of her old lover, and the old manís son who puts him on Tel Aviv streets by an accordion player to make small change. Innocuous, goofy, with a charming lead (Evelyn Kaplun, cute in that Calista Flockhart-y way); if only there were a little more substance to it, there would be something concrete to recommend.

Directed by Arik Kaplun. With Nir Levy.

[See it if you must.]

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