Wannabes, The

Reviewed By Stephen Groenewegen
Posted 09/23/03 07:51:00

"The Woggles"
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

The Wannabes is a disappointing comedy misfire from producer-director-writer-star Nick Giannopoulos.

There's potential for fresh comedy when a gang of wannabe thieves pose as a kid's singing group to infiltrate a mansion. They botch the robbery of a precious jewel, but wind up an unexpected hit as subversive children's entertainers.

The film's best moments are the group's unlikely routines, but Giannopoulos squanders their comic possibilities in favour of a complicated and routine run-around plot, replete with kidnappings, mistaken identities, dodgy American accents, drag performances and shrill and offensive stereotypes.

Chantal Contouri has fun as Giannopoulos' mother and Russell Dykstra shines as the leader of the thuggish criminal quartet. Giannopoulos brings little charisma to his leading role and seems tired, as if he'd prefer to be spending all his time behind the camera.

I'd be surprised if The Wannabes can repeat the popular success of Giannopoulos' debut, The Wog Boy.

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