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Bruce Almighty
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by EricDSnider

"The best blend of Jim Carrey's talents and sub-talents."
4 stars

One of the things the title character learns in “Bruce Almighty” is voiced by God himself: “You have a gift for bringing joy and laughter to the world,” he says, in the folksy voice of Morgan Freeman. With any luck, Jim Carrey, who plays Bruce, has learned the same lesson. His more serious efforts in films like “The Truman Show” and “The Majestic” have been fine, but comedy — finely tuned, well-crafted comedy as in “Liar Liar” and TV’s “In Living Color” — are where his greatest assets lie.

Sure, his spastic slapstick is often overused, and his penchant for forcing catchphrases on the world is irritating (this time it’s a low-voiced “Gooood” and a protracted “Be-ee-ay-utiful” that frat boys will be repeating for weeks). But give him solid material and he’s gold.

He is gold for much of “Bruce Almighty,” a smart, snappy comedy that gives him plenty of room to be both physically and verbally funny, and that also allows him some brief but effective serious time. In fact, the genuinely touching resolution is as nice as anything in those “serious” Carrey movies — an indication that the best way to be sincere is to not try so darn hard.

Carrey’s Bruce Nolan is a Buffalo, N.Y., news reporter frustrated at having to do fluffy human interest stories, and disappointed at the mediocrity of his life. He is non-committal to his long-time girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston), who winces at his frequent railings against God, whom he blames for his misfortunes. When he is passed up for an anchor position in favor of stuffy Evan Baxter (the hilarious Steven Carell, from “The Daily Show”), he has an on-air meltdown — one of the film’s funniest scenes — and his anger toward God reaches its zenith.

Before he knows it, he is summoned to the Almighty’s white, sterile headquarters to account for himself. God (Morgan Freeman) — who calls Bruce “son” in a casual, earnest way — tells Bruce if thinks he can do a better job overseeing the world, then go for it. He endows him with all of his powers, giving only the stipulations that he may not tell anyone he’s God now, and he cannot interfere with people’s free will.

He does some magic tricks, of course, and embarks on acts of petty revenge the way any newly powerful man would do. Then he does something surprising: Rather than using his powers to make himself a billionaire or to create a life of luxury, he uses them merely to get his job back.

That’s one of several indications the film gives that, for all its joking AROUND the subject of faith, it does not joke ABOUT it. The screenplay, by TV writers and Carrey cohorts Steve Koren, Mark O’Keefe and Steve Oedekerk, is not blasphemous; in fact, its final destination is to be rather sweet, even faith-affirming, in its raucous, rowdy way.

This is the best blend of Jim Carrey. He is past the juvenile cavorting of “Ace Ventura” (which, like “Liar, Liar” and “Bruce Almighty,” was directed by Tom Shadyac), and seems to have finished his phase of begging for an Oscar nomination. He is not above a bit of potty humor, but he knows not to focus on it. Now he’s free to be what God intended: funny.

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originally posted: 06/13/03 08:07:03
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User Comments

12/29/17 morris campbell very funny religious fanatics wont like it though 4 stars
7/21/12 Sean Harrison Absolutely hilarious. 4 stars
9/11/11 pipesrussell Jim Carey, most overated un talented actor ever. 1 stars
8/12/11 Eric Ivins One of Jim Carreys best 4 stars
7/02/09 cindy LOVE this movie, I watch it frequently, never get bored of it. 5 stars
3/01/09 R.W. Welch The only guy who ever played God convincingly was George Burns. 3 stars
6/05/08 edareenda lyerak what is my name spelled backwards? oh yeha this movie was great 50 stars 5 stars
3/31/08 Gorp why is everyone only focusing on jim carrey being funny? maybe that wasn't the point 5 stars
10/17/07 Beau it was rather funny! 3 stars
10/17/07 mb Funny 3 stars
6/28/07 gr117 There are a few bits that still make me LOL. 4 stars
6/11/07 Dark Enchantress loved it, and it was funny! 5 stars
6/10/07 fools♫gold Not bad at all: I could probably even watch it again (just maybe). Tough to rate. 4 stars
4/19/07 Stevo UK How long will it take for Carrey to realize he's not funny any more? 2 stars
2/19/07 Nick Maday Better than I expected, but not great. 3 stars
2/16/07 Vip Ebriega Hilarious Jim Carrey movie. 3 stars
1/29/07 Lisa Craven This is such a feel good movie, very funny, kept me hooked even though it's a little hokey 4 stars
1/22/07 David A. It's funny, but it has a genuinely inspirational message. 4 stars
12/08/06 justin the movie rocks!!!!! 5 stars
11/30/06 Stanley Thai A funny comedy. 4 stars
8/26/06 Nanni I really love this movie, i've watched it like 100 times!!!!! 5 stars
7/19/06 Anthony Feor Carrey strikes again 5 stars
5/23/06 Agent Sands One of Jim Carrey's best movies. Doesn't beat Eternal Sunshine, but it's good. 4 stars
5/18/06 Roy kind of corny,but funny funny guy 4 stars
5/08/06 Indrid Cold Gets a little flimsy toward the end, but overall it's genuinely funny and entertaining. 4 stars
4/22/06 Poopy Woopy B-e-autiful 5 stars
4/03/06 JRE hysterical! for all skeptical christians, it doesn't make fun of good 4 stars
3/28/06 Brian Meyer First 1/2 was a comedy. 2nd 1/2 was a chick flick. What gives? 4 stars
8/30/05 Littlepurch Loved it then, still do now. And so does everyone I know. Really a feelgood film. 5 stars
7/24/05 C Vega Carrey is good and even though there are alot of laughs, the whole film is kinda corny 3 stars
6/07/05 JD Not bad but, not Carrey at hi best, it's somewhat funny. 3 stars
4/23/05 Quigley a hilarious Jim carrey triumph. it's not Dumb and Dumber, but it rocks! Jim is the best!!! 5 stars
4/18/05 Jeff Anderson Too selfish & smug for it's own good with a laugh every now & then. M. FREEMAN REDEEMS IT!! 3 stars
4/06/05 tatum Some laughs, but also some really sucky special effects 3 stars
3/28/05 Emma A funny film. 4 stars
3/09/05 ian it's gooooooooooooood... 5 stars
2/28/05 Dan I am not religious, but this movie is funny as hell! 5 stars
1/28/05 Jack Scallops I got the power to recommend it 5 stars
9/04/04 T.B. Nasty and not funny 1 stars
7/12/04 DM Steve Carell is the movie's highlight; stay home and watch "The Daily Show" instead of this 2 stars
6/19/04 Denise Duspiva funny 4 stars
6/12/04 Raymond Lee great laughs 5 stars
6/06/04 Jim Worth it to see Carrey make anchorman spout gibberish. Reminded me of "Modern Problems". 5 stars
6/01/04 Charlene Javier A blast! 4 stars
4/15/04 alice Started out OK but then he "overdid" it again. I hate that about Jim,he's funnier otherwise 3 stars
3/10/04 bsho76 Morgan Freeman is God...nuff said 4 stars
2/29/04 Ingo Cheesy and foreseeable. 2 stars
2/21/04 Littlepurch Bit mushy at end and not as gd as Liar Liar but still hilarious. All actors were brilliant! 5 stars
1/30/04 Matt Thiel Ugh. 2 stars
1/27/04 Katie Malone Heehee! Hilarious! Jim Carrey at his best! 5 stars
1/26/04 Rapunzel Gladstone Cinematic attempts at playing God can waste even the best of actors, Freeman in this case. 2 stars
1/16/04 Gecko Fanfoot A 21st century classic. Carrey is actually funny without overdoing it as usual. 5 stars
1/01/04 Katie Miller It was hilarious 4 stars
12/29/03 Agent Sands The rest of the movie's clever & funny, & Aniston is da bomb. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh... 5 stars
12/21/03 Gingavitus It was gr8! I played God (but I'm not Jim Carrey or Morgan Freeman, u confused readers?!) 5 stars
12/18/03 * An Idiot Who Loves Jim Carey* AWESOME! jim carey is radical! i dont why u people stay it stinks.!WEIRDOS! 5 stars
12/10/03 re Awesom movie! 5 stars
12/09/03 Sarah This movie is one of the best films I have ever seen!! 5 stars
12/07/03 Dr xaivier "It is sure to be a Hit in Hell or at least the Toilet!" 1 stars
12/06/03 bender Did it have to be so serious in act 3? Good flick otherwise. 4 stars
11/28/03 Samuel Not as good as everyone made it out to be, but still very entertaining... 4 stars
11/22/03 ross hendrick crap, jim carrey's worst! 3 stars
11/01/03 Littlepurch Soppy ending but a very funny film overall. 4 stars
8/25/03 Heather Purplethorne Atheists might well find this a good basis for a reductio ad absurdum argument. 2 stars
8/21/03 Veronica Tatterworth Slow start; Good comedy when Bruce gets power. Then sinks to dumb theology and male bashing 2 stars
8/08/03 Troy Butler Nothing special, ... occasionally very funny, but tried too hard for a bit of drama!!! 3 stars
8/03/03 Farnq Y See this movie and really laugh out loud 5 stars
8/02/03 mark angelo enriquez tells people how to be GOD in one week 4 stars
8/01/03 Eric no words in the english langauge 1 stars
7/28/03 Harry Go to Bath after seeing this Great Movie 5 stars
7/23/03 Double G An okay movie, kinda boring at some parts. 3 stars
7/08/03 kz Jimmy C is back and funny as ever 4 stars
7/06/03 lee Funny & cute - take Jim C. movies for what they are or don't see! cried laughing at parts. 4 stars
7/06/03 Mr. Hat (I'm Back MoFos!!!) What the fuck is w/ U guys & the trailer? The best parts weren't even in the goddamn thing! 5 stars
7/04/03 italian stallion Seen the trailer? ..... then u've seen the movie 3 stars
7/03/03 Jason It was funny. I was crying in spots. 5 stars
6/30/03 seldom scene not that good great bell and jennifer 2 stars
6/29/03 David A. Enough bathroom humor to be Jim Carey, but still has a senstive plot! 5 stars
6/23/03 Mike Jim Carrey making faces for 2 hours is NOT FUNNY !!! 1 stars
6/23/03 MJM103171 Slightly betterthan typical Jim Carrey 3 stars
6/18/03 Goofy Maxwell Goes to show--ya can't please everybody, nor would ya want to. 4 stars
6/17/03 Erin Everyone seems to like it so much I feel like i should to but I don't 2 stars
6/17/03 ^ZuLu^ All the good shots were shown in the trailer. Nothing funny left in the movie.Otherwise:ok. 3 stars
6/14/03 Darth Haggis Thought there would be more to it except what we saw on the trailer 1 stars
6/13/03 Markus Fuchs Great film, but the last fouth is too moral imho 5 stars
6/13/03 your worse goddamn nightmare It was funny with a few comedic twists. Just let yourself enjoy it... 4 stars
6/11/03 Brannie looks good, cant wait 5 stars
6/09/03 Hooters gurl Surprisingly amusing! I would reccommend it for a good summer popcorn comedy. 4 stars
6/04/03 Allen Geez, you people gotta lighten up! This was a cute, harmless comedy. 4 stars
6/04/03 movieboy Okay i thought it could have been funnier though 4 stars
6/03/03 Matt Good - liked it 5 stars
6/02/03 Mike C Predictable, boring and whiny. Promising idea, money grubbing execution! 1 stars
5/31/03 John "cute" 4 stars
5/31/03 Vince S'ok. Funniest part was Steve Carrell from the Daily Show. 3 stars
5/29/03 George Jung Slightly better than average summer crap. 3 stars
5/29/03 Blackops jim carrey does ok in this movie, but i would have thought it would have been funnier 3 stars
5/28/03 nick2k godammit! was this a disney film? was fun here and there... 3 stars
5/28/03 malcolm bluestar Weak. Really weak. 2 stars
5/28/03 . LOL 5 stars
5/27/03 Hassan verry funny..... 1 stars
5/27/03 Danny B-E-A-U-tiful 4 stars
5/27/03 Tracy Awesome! U'll laugh all the way through, but it still got the drama!:) 5 stars
5/27/03 Jack Bourbon Eh is right. I can't believe how uncreative this movie is with Carrey playing God. 3 stars
5/26/03 ray laughed harder than I ever have in a movie 5 stars
5/26/03 bender funny stuff. 4 stars
5/25/03 Call me.....daddy ;-) I thought it was really good, the preachy stuff wasn't too preachy..forgot how funny JC was 4 stars
5/24/03 syrius eh.............? 2 stars
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  23-May-2003 (PG)



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