Bad Eggs

Reviewed By Stephen Groenewegen
Posted 08/15/03 14:02:11

2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Mick Molloy continues his unlikely career as Australian movie star in Bad Eggs, the directorial debut of fellow comic Tony Martin.

After a promising start, Bad Eggs quickly becomes a shambles of over-plotting, lacklustre pacing, overworked gags, predictable villains and clashing acting styles. Several of the jokes have an exuberant nuttiness, such as the 1980s courtship of police operatives played by Molloy and Judith Lucy (complete with zany Kajagoogoo hairdos), but the jokes generally extend past breaking point.

Failing to grasp that you need some recognisable reality for the variety of satire heís attempting, Martinís police corruption story collapses under a succession of increasingly ludicrous plot twists. Robyn Nevinís brief appearance demonstrates all too clearly the benefit of casting actors in a comedy, as well as comics.

As a director, Martin needs confidence enough to let situations and characters develop and breathe, and not try to fill every pause with juvenile swearing or explosions.

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