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Gettin' Square
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by Stephen Groenewegen

"Daylight robbery"
4 stars

David Wenham showcases his versatility with a pricelessly funny, what-just-happened scene-stealing performance as a luckless drug addict and criminal, Johnny “Spit” Spitieri. Eschewing his leading man features for ratty mullet hairdo, glazed eyes, a permanently dazed expression and rotten teeth, Wenham sports an outfit of tiny shorts, tight jeans and loud shirts that must have set back the costume department a whopping $14.95 at K-Mart.

He embraces the stereotype of the Gold Coast dole-bludging dropout and plays it to the hilt. Best of all, he also manages to build an endearing characterisation beneath the showy comic trappings. What initially seems like a source of light relief eventually becomes Gettin Square’s central figure. Miraculously, by picture’s end we even come to care what happens to him. His hilarious courtroom inquisition is the highlight of an otherwise cleverly worked out, if routine, heist movie (screenplay by debut writer-producer Chris Nyst).

Jonathan Teplitzky’s follow-up to Better than Sex is chock-full of talented actors. Sam Worthington solidly underplays as Worth, determined to “get square” (go straight) now that he’s been paroled. David Field is a nasty corrupt cop, Gary Sweet an underworld figure, Timothy Spall a dieting ex-con turned “square” businessman and the consistently fine Helen Thomson plays his wife. Mitchell Butel is virtually unrecognisable as Spall’s lawyer, Con.

No one, however, can distract attention from Wenham. He raises laughs even when off screen, from the dubbed sound of his cheap thongs slapping the pavement.

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originally posted: 09/10/03 12:34:57
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User Comments

12/06/14 Richard Brandt Generic let's-pull-a-switcheroo-on-the-bad-guys plot redeemed by Tim Spall & David Wenham 3 stars
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11/10/10 Jclcydej Beresford sent 1,500 cavalry, under the command of Brigadier General Robert Long after the 2 stars
5/16/08 bri olright.. could be better but gets annoying... 3 stars
3/12/06 colin david wenham is an amazing actor 5 stars
2/21/06 Eugene bloody australian film industry is going to the dogs 5 stars
2/07/06 Johnny Spit Can't wait for the worldwide snash hit remake set in America & starring George Clooney 5 stars
6/20/05 Joy Well made comedy thriller, great characterisations 4 stars
1/16/05 Steamtrousers A lame Guy Ritchie wannabe, almost saved by Wenham 1 stars
11/02/04 Elizabeth Entertaining! Just won Audience Award at Hawaii Int. Film Festival. 4 stars
3/08/04 David MacIlwain Fantastic 5 stars
2/24/04 Jonni Best Aussie flick.. Go the mullet & pluggers 5 stars
2/10/04 waltzing brilliant aussie film, very true to its characters. d. wenham is very funny 5 stars
11/25/03 Chris Who's got me bus fare, your majesty? 5 stars
11/18/03 Jenny Great film, very funny, pity nobody's going to see it. 4 stars
11/12/03 Justin Higigns Yeah, David Wenham is a genius in this movie, one of the best movies I've seen in a while. 5 stars
11/11/03 Chris Conti best autralian film of 2003 5 stars
11/10/03 GT it was hilarious 4 stars
11/05/03 Jane Fantastic, you've got to see this one 5 stars
11/04/03 Margaret & John Doherty Fabulous performances esp.David Wenham 4 stars
10/29/03 Herman Peckel Scoops and double dragons. Nice. 4 stars
10/27/03 The ccol mister Tops 5 stars
10/26/03 JFK Miller Ingenuous, derivative, seen-it-all-before-a-million times 1 stars
10/26/03 Barb Hayes-Williams Love it darling, just love it. I can never look at rubber thongs in the same light. 5 stars
10/25/03 Chopper Reed Reminds me of my glory days 5 stars
10/24/03 Nick Top Movie!!! 5 stars
10/22/03 michelle good aussie flick 5 stars
10/21/03 Lisa loved it 4 stars
10/21/03 Ivan Milat I would kill to see it...... 5 stars
10/20/03 craig 'crooky' darlow I thought I was a crooked cop untill.... 4 stars
10/18/03 dave reynolds pleasantly surprised, a last minute decision to see this and enjoyed immensely. 4 stars
10/18/03 Michael A1. David Wenham was brilliant. Must see! 5 stars
10/18/03 Kim Birkett another great Aussie film full of talented Aussie actors 5 stars
10/16/03 John Rocket gud 5 stars
10/15/03 Les Paul All foreplay, no climax. 2 stars
10/14/03 Nath Instant classic! tempted to go see it again. 5 stars
10/13/03 Alexander Corbet I laughed nearly the whole way through it 5 stars
10/13/03 HH A very Aussie Film - An absolute cracker! 5 stars
10/10/03 Enzo Wenham makes the movie memorable 4 stars
10/10/03 Erin Great Australian film with an excellent cast and a funny script 4 stars
10/10/03 Helen Bradley Good acting poor script too long 2 stars
10/04/03 ron good movie; sam worthington shows again his great talent 4 stars
9/29/03 Wendy very VERY funny and a really Australian feel to it 5 stars
9/28/03 Rie Natalenko David Wenham's performance is outstanding. i loved the film. 5 stars
9/25/03 liam incisive crime caper that sweats comic realism like a no good junkie, get on & get square! 5 stars
9/24/03 JJ This film is pretty long and boring. The script is a lame copy of Lock Stock minus flair. 2 stars
9/17/03 Aaron Excellent film! 5 stars
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