Go Further

Reviewed By Jason Whyte
Posted 09/27/03 17:36:51

"'Woody on a hemp bus? Well now I've seen everything!'"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

What could have been a very routine, boring side-taking documentary (say, something like last year's Vancouver Film Festival entry "Fix: Story of an Addicted City"?) surprisingly turns out to be a lighthearted, fun look at a group of people who want to share their recipe for changing the world. And hey, what's wrong with a little bit of help from Woody Harrelson? "Go Further" is from director Ron Mann("Grass," "Twist"), who takes a somewhat fly-on-the-wall approach to a group of eco-activists who have the answer to all of life's pollution and ecology problems.

Harrelson's idea is to take his hemp-fuelled bus down Route 101 with his fellow eco-buddies, stopping wherever he can to promote his views on how corporations and junk food, among other things, are ruining this country. Every now and then, some of the characters will bike along with the bus to "Further" the point of their plight. Harrelson's confidence on this subject is outstanding; although I don't completely agree with all of the subjects that they bring up (one subplot about how milk can contain some vicious by-products is not necessarily true), he is certainly doing what he feels is right.

Harrelson's most noticeable friends include Steve, a junk-food loving, hemp smoking goofball who is frequently saying the wrong things and hitting on college girls far smarter than he. There's also a raw food chef whose dishes may or may not always be that delicious (one dish which involves seaweed was described as "Having far too much green!"), and a college student who is suddenly thrown on the bus trip for a few days, to the aghast of her boyfriend.

"Go Further" is funny and likable (hey, any reference to a Woody Allen film normally works for me), it runs a short but sweet 80 minutes and never really overstays its welcome. I admired the subject of the film, even if it isn't that overly deep or takes the time to address the larger political issues at hand. And yet at the same time I kind of admired that attitude towards the film, as it keeps us laughing and smiling along with all of these people who are (despite their difficulties in changing everyone's viewpoint) just trying to make the world better for all of us.

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