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Peter Pan (2003)
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by EricDSnider

"At last! No creepy boy-woman playing Peter."
4 stars

It's hard to believe, but this is the first time "Peter Pan" has been produced as a big-screen, live-action film with sound. A silent version was produced in 1924, and there have been various made-for-TV incarnations, not to mention Disney's 1953 animated version, but not until now, in the era of special effects, has it all been assembled in a way that looks and sounds real.

I point out the film's uniqueness because it's ultimately irrelevant. Despite being a "first" in many ways, the film's story is still intimately familiar to most people, and audiences will find they've been here before. P.J. Hogan's lavish and ambitious retelling of the boy who wouldn't grow up does justice to J.M. Barrie's story, to be sure, but it's hardly a definitive version. It will seem, after all, like just another remake, even though it's technically not one.

Is there a different spin on it? Sure, a bit. It's the first time an actual boy has played a live-action Peter Pan (not counting Robin Williams in "Hook," because that Peter Pan was grown up), which makes it possible to examine the romantic underpinnings to Peter and Wendy's relationship. (Hogan's last two major films were "My Best Friend's Wedding" [1997] and "Muriel's Wedding" [1994], and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg wrote "Bed of Roses" [1996], so it's not surprising that romance should rear its head in their current collaboration.) Peter is played by 14-year-old Jeremy Sumpter, who just about gets the mix of adolescence and childhood right. As Wendy, 13-year-old Rachel Hurd-Wood similarly teeters between little-girlhood and teen-girlhood, just beginning to discover, quite innocently, the magic of love. I find Peter and Wendy's relationship sweet, even a little tragic, and that's an element generally forgotten when this story is staged.

John (Harry Newell) and Michael (Freddie Popplewell) Darling are along for the ride, too, as the bunch flies to Neverland, cavorts with the Lost Boys, and grapples with Captain Hook. Hook himself is the dashing Jason Isaacs, who conveys menace and humor with considerable effectiveness. His sidekick, Smee (Richard Briers), is a droll addition as well.

The film focuses on the magic of Neverland, with whimsical special effects and Donald McAlpine's ("Moulin Rouge" [2001], "The Time Machine" [2002]) soaring cinematography. It is not a film for the ages, nor will it supplant Disney's animated version or Mary Martin's famed stage performance as the definitive presentation. But its marvelous visuals will certainly entertain the kiddies.

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originally posted: 12/25/03 11:09:44
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User Comments

5/06/19 Final Fantasy Sucks A wonderful family movie almost touched my heart. 5 stars
3/29/16 Aj wales This director should have directed the new superman movies. Action and emotion. 5 stars
9/19/13 Annie G Quality version and decent adaptation. 4 stars
12/12/12 iris_darling This movie is awesome. Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd Wood are perfect for theiir potrayal. 5 stars
8/30/12 roscoe HOOK IS GREAT, SORY FINE, BUT REST OF CAST IS EITHER DULL OR AWFUL Plus, film is unlikeable 3 stars
5/27/10 lesley gennrich & family really great movie everyone I know loves it still 5 stars
11/26/09 john r45 cresent square 5 stars
12/25/08 Nabi I'm not a Jackson fan but I have to say that the 'evidence' supporting the trial was flaky, 4 stars
11/18/08 Shaun Wallner Great story! 5 stars
4/02/08 jeramy they have a girlfriend 5 stars
3/15/08 kellsie philpot i think jeremy sumpter should come down to wagga so i could meet him 5 stars
1/21/08 Mike great movie if u dont like it fuck u 5 stars
9/25/07 Beau remarkable film, great human re-make and portrayal, actors are spot on!! 5 stars
6/23/07 David Cohen Jumped around like a flea on a hot brick, some of us do have attention spans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
2/26/06 Grace Underdown The movie is very cute 4 stars
9/29/05 Cayla I loved the movie, no douts 5 stars
8/19/05 ES Very well done = made me a little uncomfortable to watch thou 3 stars
8/09/05 maria amos Its my fave film jeremy is such a great actor who is gorgeous i watch it evrynite.. so cool 5 stars
8/08/05 Hollie One of my favorite movies! Jeremy is gorgeous and did a wonderful job. 5 stars
3/23/05 Laura I Love this movie! 5 stars
10/03/04 ariana my favourite movie of all time 5 stars
9/18/04 danielle Jeremy is mine -very emotional made me cry:( but very great! 5 stars
8/13/04 Rachel The movies great. Sexual undertones? The actual peter pan would have hit puberty. 5 stars
8/07/04 Daveman The film only sporadically rises above the ordinary and it's just not enough. 3 stars
7/28/04 Elizabeth Surprisingly good, very well cast! 4 stars
7/25/04 Katie This movie is great! Jeremy Sumpter is SO HOT!!! 4 stars
7/20/04 Chris enjoyed hook a lot better 2 stars
7/20/04 Northerly Pinkline walks around under the bridge in a Peter Pan suit 3 stars
7/19/04 assassin_chick There's just something magical about this film. The kids are perfect! 5 stars
7/06/04 Taunya I REALLY liked the film - felt it was more true to the book than any I've seen. 5 stars
7/03/04 I need this you need to have the ages of the character's 5 stars
6/26/04 Victoria Collins I loved it so much, I would watch it over and over again and I think Jeremy Sumpter great!! 5 stars
6/24/04 Tamara i love the movie, i know all the words to it. and Jeremy Sumpter was a really good actor. 5 stars
6/19/04 Lisa best movie in the world 5 stars
6/16/04 ryane luv the movie peter pan 5 stars
6/12/04 Dianaiz Millet This movie is so good that I can't stop wathing it 5 stars
6/12/04 Sam p i love Jeremy Sumpter and Peter Pan is the best movie ever 5 stars
5/24/04 Sam Kueter BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/20/04 Sasha Beautiful, breathtaking, for all ages. and this is from a highschool girl and knows more 5 stars
5/18/04 Natalie Low wondeful! 5 stars
5/16/04 Michael Unexpectedly beautiful, heartbreaking, thrilling fantasy masterpiece. Truly wonderful film 5 stars
5/15/04 Sam G This is the best version of peter pan I've ever seen!(and it was even in movie form!bonus!) 5 stars
5/11/04 Kooler Hook is hot! 5 stars
5/10/04 Sara My all-time favorite movie! Jeremy Sumpter is great! 5 stars
4/17/04 Bianca I love it, I could watch it every day, also cause of cutie Jeremy Sumpter ;-) 5 stars
4/09/04 Sam For a 15 year girl, i loved the movie and i know that many of my guy friends enjoyed it 5 stars
3/16/04 Sam Kueter Best Movie Ever! 5 stars
3/16/04 jess i loved your movie it was brill 4 stars
3/15/04 Sam` WOW! WOW! WOW! 5 stars
3/08/04 Another_Red It's one of my favorite all time movies! This movie is ---> 5 stars
2/23/04 Kelsey Quist The romance is what makes the movie! 5 stars
2/22/04 Erin Waters Glad I didn't know until afterwards that Tinkerbell is played by the slut of SWIMMING POOL! 4 stars
2/21/04 Ashley Corpening Atmosphere is superb, but story a bit muddled, and overall tone a bit somber. 4 stars
2/21/04 Jade Faram the film was best because it was funny 5 stars
2/17/04 rantic ur all fucking nuts!, this was garbage, no wonder it flopped. What r u all on?!! 1 stars
2/16/04 Faye Dunlop I thought this film was absoulutley brilliant and Jeremy Sumpter is the fitest 5 stars
2/13/04 Becca the best movie ever!!!! 5 stars
2/12/04 Serena AWSOME, Peter pan was hot haha 5 stars
2/08/04 Pudding & Yasu The best movie ever!!! Peter Pan rocks!! 5 stars
2/08/04 Brian Hutton superb 5 stars
2/07/04 Sophie Moy I think it's the best movie but will they be doing Peter Pan Return to Neverland? 5 stars
2/06/04 Robyn ive seen it 6 times i luv jeremy :) 5 stars
2/03/04 Amanda Warriner It was awsome and Jermey is really cute and if he comes around ask him if he is single lol 5 stars
1/31/04 karlie jeremy is fuckin georgous 5 stars
1/30/04 Chanel Da movie rox and i already watched it twice!! 5 stars
1/29/04 angel beautiful :) 5 stars
1/28/04 alison i love jeremy supmter 5 stars
1/28/04 kerwin so far, the best movie I ever seen!! 5 stars
1/28/04 Jennifer morrison it was awesome 5 stars
1/27/04 Bryana Baker It was a excieting movie and some what sad. 5 stars
1/27/04 Ali Jeremy Sumpter is so hot 5 stars
1/26/04 Movie Review It was a great movie, i wanna see it again! 4 stars
1/26/04 alexis hedrick I think Peter Pan was really hot and he is only 14 thankgod 5 stars
1/26/04 miranda pinto i love this film and jeremy sumpteris hot:P 5 stars
1/26/04 Kayla Delzio the way Peter Pan is so brave 5 stars
1/25/04 Emily Ward u must see this film it`s great 5 stars
1/25/04 Wendy Conti i though the movie was the best movie in the world i would give it a 10++ 5 stars
1/25/04 Liz The most brilliant beyond brilliant movie...EVER!!!! 5 stars
1/23/04 Hel Captain Hook was hot! No, seriously. Jason Isaacs OWNS, as they say. 5 stars
1/23/04 Carly Naki I loved it, peter pan is just the hottest peter pan yet 5 stars
1/22/04 Nereida Duenas the guy who does peter pan is hot! 5 stars
1/22/04 peachy2444 it was the greatest movie ever! exspeicaly with jeremy sumpter 5 stars
1/22/04 Erin I loved this movie! I wish I could go to Neverland and meet them all! 5 stars
1/22/04 Olivia touching and great acting especially in scenes at neverland...way to go jeremy! =) 5 stars
1/21/04 heva An amazing movie and a great peter well worth watching even just 4 jeremy sumpter!!!!! 5 stars
1/20/04 Sez Omg jeremy is hot as!!! i lurve u jeremy!! 5 stars
1/20/04 Julia I loved it. I saw it 3 times.Jeremy is hot. 5 stars
1/19/04 Lindsay AWWWW how sweet is jeremy and theodore??? 5 stars
1/17/04 Hazel Cuevas peter pan was hot 5 stars
1/16/04 Wolf Relies too much on (badly done) FX, but Jason Isaacs TRULY shines here. 4 stars
1/16/04 Abby awesome, brilliant my best film ever 5 stars
1/16/04 Elsy Tunales Coooooooooooooooooooooooooool. 1 stars
1/15/04 Betty White Nice looking, but uninteresting and rather unlikable production. 2 stars
1/14/04 sara I love you jeremy!!!!! I love you !!! Call me! 5 stars
1/14/04 Diana I love you Jeremry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/13/04 nicole it was a really good movie and i want jeremys email add contact me on 5 stars
1/13/04 stefane I thought this was a great movie...and it would be perfect for all kinds of people to watch 5 stars
1/12/04 Brittany This movie was great! 5 stars
1/12/04 Alyssa This movie was great! I really enjoyed it! 5 stars
1/11/04 Nat_Bee Jeremy Sumpter is the Hottest guy ever, the movie rox 5 stars
1/11/04 Jeanette very good close to the book 5 stars
1/11/04 Hannah I think that Peter Pan is soooooo HOT It was a great movie 5 stars
1/11/04 Katie it was so good! and jeremy sumpter is so hot 5 stars
1/10/04 temidire i like peter pan 5 stars
1/10/04 sarah ¤kewl and cute¤ 5 stars
1/10/04 john mancusi it suck 1 stars
1/10/04 Olivia Fricke WoW! Gr8 work this movie brings back feelings of wat its like to b a kid again;P 10stars!! 5 stars
1/09/04 John Trett Wicked!!!!! 5 stars
1/09/04 cally awsome 5 stars
1/09/04 that one kid expected crap not related to the book....and ended up with a WONDERFUL experience... 5 stars
1/09/04 M I Think it is the best movie ever made. 5 stars
1/08/04 Tricia I love this movie!! I've seen it 5 times so far!! Jeremy is an amazing peter pan! 5 stars
1/08/04 rachael this film pisses me off..b/c i want to be there instead of texas..amazing movie,great cast 5 stars
1/08/04 angela scalera jeremy Sumpter is hot!!!!! 5 stars
1/08/04 susie may Peter pan is awesome. Jeremy Sumpter completes the movie with his spot-on portrayal -peter. 5 stars
1/08/04 wendy your gay if you dont like peter pan.....plain fucking gay 5 stars
1/08/04 Michael Fuck "Return of the King". This is the movie of the millennium. Absolutely fucking awesome 5 stars
1/08/04 Aoife Brilliant 5 stars
1/08/04 KICK ASS OR DONT COME HOME! isnt peter pan micheal jackson's bitch? 1 stars
1/08/04 Marilyn Finan I apsolutely loved it! It was great! Jeremy is an excellent actor! 5 stars
1/07/04 nadia cope this film is the best version of peter pan that i have ever seen.a truly great film. 5 stars
1/07/04 Sarah Kennedy It was excellent!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/06/04 hammy peter is soooo hot......................... 5 stars
1/06/04 alexa i thoguht the movie was great! I loved it! 5 stars
1/06/04 melissa its great a lil sad at parts but still really good 5 stars
1/06/04 Cat Smith Great film that actually like the book. Issacs is hot as Hook. 4 stars
1/05/04 Jenni Parts of it were pretty boring, except Hook. Jason Issacs makes Hook sexy! 4 stars
1/04/04 Karen so-so 3 stars
1/03/04 Sam The special effects were okay but the kids were great. Very touching and I'm glad I saw it. 4 stars
1/02/04 Kelly A delight for all ages. It shows a wonderful relationship between Peter and Wendy. 5 stars
12/31/03 --- This movie was shit 1 stars
12/30/03 amy its wicked peterpan is soooo good 4 stars
12/29/03 Titus Pan's acting: ick. CG: muddled. Music: awful. Story: good. Wendy: great. Hook: great. 3 stars
12/28/03 Yilly The writing could've been better and could of use less CG, but I pretty much liked it. 4 stars
12/27/03 Gray touching 5 stars
12/27/03 Alien assasin Heaps better than Spielberg's "Hook" extravaganza 5 stars
12/27/03 Carolyn Hell, I thought it was awesome,seeing it makes me feel like there is no worries. 5 stars
12/27/03 Hel Closer to the book than any other version of Peter Pan I've seen. A cool interpretation. 5 stars
12/27/03 Heather It was enchanting. I was "touched". 5 stars
12/23/03 angelica totally awesome magical fun 5 stars
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  25-Dec-2003 (PG)
  DVD: 04-May-2004



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