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Along Came Polly
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by MP Bartley

"Just put some EFFORT in damn you!!"
2 stars

Here's the thing: I don't like rom-coms generally speaking but I'm a romantic guy who likes comedy. I remember birthdays, anniversaries and I buy flowers and chocolates so my girlfriend tells me I'm romantic. And there's nothing better than having a good laugh. I've even been known to crack the odd funny myself. So why don't I like rom-coms? Oh yeah...the vast majority aren't romantic or funny.

Ben Stiller is Reuben, a risk analyst who's just got married to Lisa (Debra Messing). Their wedding lasts as long as their honeymoon however, when his wife decided to have a quicky with French scuba-diver Claude (Hank Azaria). Coming back in despair, he's comforted by best man and ex-child actor Sandy (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and his tough talking boss (Alec Baldwin). He then bumps into old school friend Polly (Jennifer Aniston), who Reuben starts to fall for, despite the fact that she's scatty-brained, messy, has no concept of risk (she eats peanuts from the bar) and is generally a commitment-phobe. Can two entirely opposite people fall for each other?

What do you think? Go on, have a guess, I triple dare you...

Sigh...where to start? 'Along Came Polly' is the ultimate distillation of your average rom-com today: utterly dull and lazy, and coasting by on the charm of its actors. Will Polly try and take uptight Reuben to such events like salsa-dancing in an attempt to loosen him up? Of course she will. And will Reuben just freak out until he tries to dance, with absolutely hiiilariiious results? Obviously (thus making it at least the third Ben Stiller film where he indulges in some wacky dancing). And seeing as Reuben is a risk analyst, will he run the risk of dating Polly through his computer and thereby set up a convenient plot where she accidentally finds this and is highly offended by it? Of course she will (and Aniston should be used to this, as it's a plot line lifted from 'Friends').

That's the problem with 'Along Came Polly'. It has no ideas, no wit and no invention of its own. It expects us to believe that Reuben and Polly are made for each other, despite Stiller and Aniston generating as much spark with each other as two brain cells in Dubya's cranium. It even falls into the oldest cliches in the book: wacky animal sidekick ( a short-sighted ferret) and a fart and shit joke (it's only in comedys that people have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Why else would someone have it other than to serve as a punch-line?). There's no quotable lines, no interest and no funny visuals.

I genuinely believe that Stiller is perhaps the funniest man working today - but only when he gets the script for it. Here, he doesn't and as hard as he tries to wring some humour out of the situation, it's largely a miserable failure. Aniston is ok, but just recreates the dizzy brunette role that made her on 'Friends'. Predictably, it's the wacky supporting roles that make the film barely watchable. Baldwin is great as the resolutely un-pc boss who praises Lisa one minute, then damns her as a skank the next. Azaria is interesting as a naked Frenchman - but interesting in that snorkelling through jelly might be interesting. Novel, but not something you'd want to repeat or do for long probably. Seymour Hoffamn steals the film however (not difficult to be fair) as the egotistical Sandy. Why couldn't the film be about him?

Please, if anyone is going to make a rom-com anytime soon, do something interesting with it. Something bold, something different. Kill one of the characters mid-way. Don't have them get together at the end. Make them, oh I don't know, romantic or funny? Because you could watch 'Along Came Polly' and then the trailer for it. You'd get the same amount of laughs from the trailer and it would take up far less of your precious time.

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originally posted: 11/05/04 01:28:58
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User Comments

7/26/18 Jamie Loved this movie, Philip Seymour Hoffman is fantastic as is Alec. Great vibe flick 5 stars
1/01/10 Dane Youssef I'm getting really tired of these types of movies. This isn't worth the effort to see it. 1 stars
1/09/09 Anonymous. not another stupid chick flick...! 2 stars
8/29/08 Shaun Wallner Funny Flick!! 5 stars
3/03/08 ladavies I liked the pairing of Stiller and Aniston. 3 stars
1/06/06 JM Synth Of the 100-odd movies Stiller made in 04, this was the worst. 2 stars
2/21/05 Dan Funny 4 stars
1/17/05 Landshark "potty polly loofah" is the newest endorsement by Bill O'Reilly, my sources tell me ;) 2 stars
11/10/04 Misti Bathroom humor has been done so many times it's not even close to funny anymore. 3 stars
10/07/04 Daveman Always fast and loud, never funny. 1 stars
9/10/04 Franco absolutely fantastic Hank Azaria. His french english became a legend among my friends. 5 stars
8/08/04 Kelly My cousin is the director/writer of this movie...its a great movie... 5 stars
7/23/04 Jannet Kwan Ben Stiller was more funnier in Meet The Parents. 3 stars
6/14/04 max this movie was a hit, it kept me laughing from the begining till the end of the movie. 5 stars
4/23/04 Iris Dementia Praecox Soo predictable! Better had Reuben fared fine at same resturant but Polly got the shits bad 3 stars
4/19/04 Roxanne (please delete previous if you delete one) Sharting IS funny, but couldn't've made this awesome unless title dingbat Polly had sharted 3 stars
4/17/04 Roxanne Sharting IS funny, but couldn't've made this awesome unless title dingbat Polly had sha 3 stars
4/17/04 Robyn Jamil-Walid Gee yosharto, really like sharting? Even so there ain't enough of it to make this awesome!. 3 stars
4/06/04 yosharto the sharting was the best part of this movie! 5 stars
4/04/04 Jacqui O'Day If Polly is really such a "free spirit", she should be the one most inclined to shart! 3 stars
4/03/04 Millie Maelstrom Too bad Philip Seymour Hoffman is becoming typecast for constipation, sharting, etc. 3 stars
4/03/04 Marilyn Westbury I couldn't find either Lisa or Polly very likeable. Could've had ~ as much fun sharting. 3 stars
3/26/04 rojo Couple of laughs. 3 stars
3/24/04 Ingo Nicely "farrellyish", but not convincing... 3 stars
3/19/04 Tam Pretty funny and a good first vehicle for two sitcom stars (Aniston & Messing). 4 stars
3/17/04 Chris I like it but wasn't thrill with it. Funny but not enough to shell out $8 but a good rental 3 stars
3/14/04 E-Rock Best Actor - Rudolpho the Ferret. Otherwise, another Stiller Stinker... 2 stars
3/08/04 S.F. Watchable. 3 stars
2/18/04 Bulwinkl Expected it to be funnier. 3 stars
2/18/04 Erika I did not like "Along Came Polly." It was cliche, obnoxious and boring. 1 stars
2/13/04 viewer B Charming and Funny beyond the farts 5 stars
2/12/04 Serena It was ok 3 stars
2/11/04 Kevin Le Bouthillier Jennifer Aniston need to break away from hey Rachel Green acting. Ben is good. 4 stars
2/09/04 Neal Robinson Along came Polly is a funny movie. Nice light-hearted comedy that I greatly enjoyed. 5 stars
2/04/04 Chad Foster Awesome 5 stars
1/28/04 Anna Cooper I like it 4 stars
1/28/04 Travis great cast,some funny humor, a movie young or old could find interesting 5 stars
1/26/04 moviedude disgusting and vomit-inducing, but good supporting cast 2 stars
1/26/04 payvand I saw it at an Mtv MovieHouse screening (thank god I didn't pay) I think I laughed twice? 2 stars
1/26/04 orpy if you like farts this is for you! 3 stars
1/25/04 Nikita This Film is bad,cliched,humour not that memorable 1 stars
1/24/04 bender It's not supposed to be groundbreaking or extremely innovative. It IS funny enough though. 4 stars
1/24/04 Dan I'd rather watch this than, say, Torque 4 stars
1/24/04 Elena Ben Stiller in the same role he always plays. An unfunny dork with an exciting girl. 1 stars
1/21/04 Betty White Silly, gross-out comedy w/ Aniston wasted in a rather frivilous role. 1 stars
1/20/04 Desperado Not bad, predictable, but nontheless made me laugh 4 stars
1/18/04 Jimmy Connors Worth A Look 4 stars
1/18/04 bullit16 Nothing that hasn't been done before. Still, I laughed a lot 4 stars
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  16-Jan-2004 (PG-13)
  DVD: 08-Jun-2004



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