Graveyard Alive

Reviewed By f*r*o*s*t*y
Posted 03/10/04 17:17:19

"The most fun I've had with a zombie flick since... ever!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

A guy who knows me and knows movies thought I'd get a kick out of Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love. He wasn't wrong. Screened in my living room, with two zombie loving men, Graveyard Alive got lots of laughs and had a fun plot with interesting direction to boot.

Patsy Powers (Anne Day-Jones) is Graveyard Alive's gutless and vanilla-flavored heroine, one who gets picked on, much like the "smart, nerdy kids in high school" by the "pretty cheerleaders". Dr. Dox (Karl Gerhardt), Patsy's ex-boyfriend from high school days, whom Patsy is still in love with, is engaged to her resident tormenter, Goodie Teuscueze (Samantha Slan). The name implies a sweetness that is absolutely nowhere to be found. Patsy's heartache is compounded by seeing the Dr. with Goodie on a daily basis.

Bitten by a cartoon-like zombie (a patient treated for an axe through the head) Patsy transforms into a fully-functioning bombshell zombie. She's ready to romance and then devour any man that crosses her path...because she's attracting more male attention than ever before. Filled with soap opera-ish music and overdramatic undertones, Graveyard Alive stands to be one of the most visually entertaining horror movies I have ever seen. A fantastic directorial excursion, Elza Kephart has created a beautiful background in black and white.

Though the direction is excellent, the further the film rolls along the less engaging the characters become. There's really no emotional investment in any of the film's characters and you're left to wonder what the motivation of the writer was. Since present day horror films really have little less than "murder murder murder, blood blood blood" as their modus operandi, it's nice to come across a horror film that actually does make you think about it, though.

Though not exactly scary, Graveyard Alive is a fun romp through some familiar zombie territory with a contemporary spin on the horror flick genre.

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