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Worth A Look: 17.3%
Average: 10%
Pretty Bad: 10.27%
Total Crap: 16.76%

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by David Hollands

"I saw Saw, and the results ain't pretty."
1 stars

Saw is a movie so overstuffed and so over-edited, that it seems like Darren Aronofsky had a crack at making it.

Saw begins as Adam, a photographer, wakes up in the bathroom from Hell. Across the room from him is Dr. Gordon, a man who has cheated on his wife and treats his patients as if they were mere objects. Both are chained to pipes, and a dead man who blew his brains out lies between them. Adam and Dr. Gordon hear the voice of the Jigsaw Killer, who tells them that Dr. Gordon is to kill Adam before 6:00 or his wife and child will die.

James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell seem to think that they are making a breathtakingly original film, and so the movie has that sense of snotty false originality to it. I would be able to get over that, if parts of the movie actually were in any way original. Most insultingly, it tries an unbelievable four times to keep us off guard as to the identity of the killer. Problem is, even when the possible killer is revealed, he was presented earlier in such an obvious fashion, that we just know he won't turn out to be who he is by the final reel.

While in any other film that could a positive, here it's a negative, since Wan can't sustain suspense to save his life. The numerous boring sequences could easily have been salvaged if some kind of uncertainty remained, though since we are aware that Wan and company don't seem to be interested in playing fair, a feeling of "anything can happen" overwhelms us. That kind of story structure can hardly maintain a story for even five minutes. Here, that feeling shows up in Saw after the first twenty minutes, and because hardly any suspense can be salvaged from the remaining sequences, we're left in a state of aggravating limbo for much of the movie.

The ways in which Wan uses the flashbacks in this film become extremely annoying. He and Whannell seem to think that the audience is full of absolute idiots. At one moment, a flashback we just saw is then repeated five minutes later for no real reason. Whenever the possible killer is revealed, things usually flashback to slow motion sequences of the character saying key dialogue for about thirty seconds. Not only do we already get the point that it's a possible suspect when either Dr. Gordon or Adam talk about him or her, but then in pops a flashback; just in case we're stupid, I suppose.

The flashbacks also don’t work in the way that they freely yank suspense out of thin air. By starting the film with the two men in the room, any sequence that then tries to pull suspense by putting them in danger during a flashback basically fails because we’re already aware how they will end up. Now, one can easily argue that suspense can still be pulled because one wouldn’t know when the attack on the character would occur, and I agree. Of course, the direction of those moments needs to be pretty damn good, and Wan just isn’t talented enough. While a sequence in which Adam searches his blackened apartment is good, suspense is still dissipated when we realize that all Adam needed to do to get out of his situation was quickly head right for the front door. The assailant is revealed to be hiding in a closet, which makes one wonder why Adam never just left and called the police.

The script itself is one of the most idiotically bloated affairs I’ve seen in a long while. In just ninety minutes, these are all the plots and subplots that come our way: the two guys in the room scenario, the two cops on the trail of the killer, a cop who becomes a burn out after his partner is killed, contrived secrets revealed about the two guys in the room, a killer not really being a killer not really being a killer, wife and child in danger, sneaky photographer… Most of these subplots could have been thrown out the window. The burned out cop, for one thing, serves no other purpose than to give the main characters a brief head start on the villain. Without him doing anything substantial, why was he even included in the film at all?

The scenario inside the room quickly becomes boring as well after a while, because these scenes, while occasionally creepy, are filled with some of the most nonsensical happenings I’ve seen in a long time. Yet again, we have another one of those situations where the killer seems to have been able to predict every single move these men make over the course of six hours. In fact, the final twist absolutely relies on this to be effective, and it becomes even less so when we realize that only extreme coincidence and convenience brought it to that point. Plus, the dialogue in the closed-in bathroom scenes is just atrocious. It constantly brings one right out of the film, because it practically causes one’s ears to bleed, it’s so hideous. It’s also completely inappropriate to the situation most of the time. When the tension desperately needs to be high, Wan goes for an extremely cheap sex joke. At one moment that only seems there for pointless gross-out effect, Adam must reach into a shit-filled toilet. He proceeds to make a dumb joke immediately thereafter that shatters suspense like a sledgehammer to a glass window.

Not only that, but there are some elements to the plot that don’t really seem to make even the slightest bit of sense. The little bit of information regarding the killer removing pieces of flesh in the form of puzzle pieces is interesting, and yet it feels hopelessly tacked on in hopes that it will be seen as something smart. It’s only in the film for a minute, and is never mentioned again. Also, one really has to wonder how this killer is able to find all these locations in which to keep his victims without arousing any suspicion. Plus, some of the traps the killer thinks up for his victims are diabolical and cruel, to be sure, yet they also make one wonder how, especially after a certain reveal come the movie's conclusion, he can possibly set these up, execute them, and then leave without arousing any suspicion. I suppose one has to assume that these locations are in isolated areas near the killer’s hideout (which just happens to be on Stygian Street, for crying out loud), yet one wonders why the police never bothered to search any of the surrounding buildings, especially considering the amount of bodies that were piling up in these locations.

The conclusion of Saw is also hopelessly predictable, with only a few forcefully harsh moments that stand out. Even though we can see it coming, it’s still an extreme letdown. Every single cliche of the thriller genre comes into play in the conclusion. Everything from an assailant who always talks before shooting (naturally allowing the victim to have an advantage) all the way to an over the top reliance on extreme violence to carry the last few minutes of the film. That’s really disappointing, especially so given that the film was actually fairly restrained in terms of its violence. That made the outbursts of violence or gore before the conclusion somewhat surprising. At the end of the movie, however, all the cards are laid out on the table, and the onslaught of “terror” becomes tired after the first thirty seconds. Not to mention the fact that Wan has to keep track of three different events occurring simultaneously, and he compensates for his lack of ability in this area by introducing tons of brain-melting quick edits, as if that would somehow distract audience members from the flaws. It distracts all right, but obviously not in the way that Wan intended.

Many sequences in the film that are obviously meant to be terrifying beyond belief actually come off as unbelievably silly. James Wan even manages to screw up making one of the most frightening-looking puppets in recent memory scary. It’s completely misused. While its appearances in the grainy video footage in the movie are somewhat affecting, all terror immediately dissipates when the thing’s mouth just flaps about like a broken ventriloquist’s dummy. Not only that, but after one of the victims manages to make it out of The Jigsaw Killer’s traps alive, the thing rides in on a tricycle to let the victim go. I’m sorry, but the way the sequence is shot only makes the puppet look unbelievably stupid instead of scary.

Other bits of visual foolishness involve a helmet that is ripped off almost completely from David Cronenberg’s Videodrome; while the concept worked in Videodrome, in Saw, the art department appeared to be shooting way too high. In an attempt to make the thing creepy, they’ve over-designed it to cringe-inducing levels, the age-old principal of “less is more” never seeming to occur to them once. Finally, the main villain’s costume throughout the film looks like something rejected from M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. That’s pretty sad, especially so considering that the monsters in Shyamalan’s immensely boring film looked like something ripped off from Sesame Street. Any time the villain in the movie shows up in that costume, laughter flies fast and furious, almost threatening to cause the cinema to collapse.

There are some positives to this movie, yet hardly enough to fully save the film. For one thing, the cinematography by David Armstrong evokes memories of the style of Dario Argento’s best films. The movie is filled with incredibly stylized colours that practically leap off the screen. The scenes inside the deserted bathroom have an extreme intensity, lighting-wise, that just creeps you out. While the events occurring underneath the lighting are ridiculous, the cinematography still helps to subtly instill terror in the audience’s collective subconscious. Almost every location has a feeling of extreme dread to it that’s hardly realistic, yet still seems acceptable.

The music by Nine Inch Nails veteran Charlie Clouser is absolutely amazing. Clouser seems to be taking a page from the Kurt Swinghammer style of composing, because both this score and Swinghammer’s amazing work on Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed are very similar. The music here is extremely grungy, done mainly with synthesizers that sound as if the musical notes have been processed into oblivion. This gives the movie a very rough, cold sound that fits in perfectly with the style of the film. While the music does blare loudly during many moments of the movie, for some reason, it just works. That really surprises me, because usually non-stop loud music during sequences gets tired, and yet this doesn’t occur in Saw. Also noteworthy is that there are a few moments in which Clouser chooses to let total silence take over. These don’t occur often, but when they do, it’s a major blessing.

The performances are the best they can possibly be given the atrocious dialogue, which is to say, pretty terrible. Cary Elwes comes off as depressingly awful. He doesn’t seem to be able to elevate the material beyond much of anything, and so he instead relies on over the top theatrics to carry the show. This gets old after two minutes. Even when simply standing in the shot, we sense absolutely no life whatsoever coming from the guy, which is too bad, given that he is a pretty talented actor. In the movie, Elwes’ character must go from sane to completely mad, and the transformation is forced and obvious.

Leigh Whannell, though, is much, MUCH worse. Throughout the entire film, his only tone of voice is extremely loud and high-pitched. Listening to him speak is one of the most annoying things I’ve had to endure, and I’ve seen Battlefield Earth.

Michael Emerson takes his role of a psychotic and does exactly the opposite of what he should: he goes down the Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal Lector path of overacting, making his work in the film obvious and overblown. I’m sorry, but there’s just nothing even remotely interesting about watching verbalized Kabuki Theatre for 60 minutes. It grows tired and dull, and we just start wishing for some kind of layered and deep portrayal.

Danny Glover as the grizzled detective is really the only one here that appears to be even remotely alive. Even though his role is fairly small, he still makes the most of it, and actually digs into his character rather than simply putting on a bad show. We get to see the person underneath the portrayal, which definitely helps us to identify with the character. Now, if only Glover had been in the film for more than fifteen minutes…

The major miscalculation here is unfortunately by director James Wan. Whenever something disturbing is supposed to happen, Wan has the camerabatics go annoyingly wild. When Adam and Dr. Gordon first discover a body, the camera swoops around it, while extremely quick edits and loud sound effects practically cause us to vomit from exhaustion. When showing some of The Jigsaw Killer’s other victims in their predicaments, he does this as well. He uses sped-up film stock, a circular dolly rig, and lots of distracting movements from the actors themselves to try and sell the fact that what we are watching is something frightening. Sadly, in this case, it’s all just style over substance. When this happens, the camerabatics and directorial exuberance becomes a wall that separates the audience from the action, which immediately reduces any kind of fear. We notice the camera movement more than what it’s supposed to be enhancing, which is too bad, given that this movie is desperately in need of some kind of actual suspense.

Even though some moments of the movie feel claustrophobic while we are in the bathroom, Wan still screws things up even more by being too loose with his camera movements. We never feel as if we are trapped in the confines of a small room, because the camera is usually doing something that would indicate that a wall has been pulled out or a floor removed. This happens frequently, which is an immediate signal to the audience that they are indeed watching a movie. While this kind of thing has occasionally benefited a film (Brian DePalma’s Blow Out comes to mind), here it just doesn’t work, especially when the feeling that the director is trying to bring out is one of total confinement and isolation.

Saw is over-stuffed, over-edited, over-performed, over-directed, and just plain annoying. While the movie gets a few small points for some extremely gruesome money shots, there’s just so much awfulness, that any positives are immediately cancelled out. It's a lot like Canadian bacon: it may look good, but the fat ruins the taste every time.

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originally posted: 11/10/04 14:24:08
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3/03/10 Stanley Thai An interesting film with a brilliant twist ending. 4 stars
10/07/09 Darryl Great, ORIGINAL, horror film. Don't get all the criticism of Elwes acting, he was good. 5 stars
9/01/09 Wagner Good morning. Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present 1 stars
3/17/09 Josie Cotton is a goddess The MTV directing style kept talking me out of the movie, as a result it's not suspenseful 2 stars
2/17/09 action movie fan actually a good shocker good suspense and surprise ending 4 stars
10/31/08 tiffany pettey this one was the first and the best 4 stars
10/28/08 Sugarfoot A good idea but only so-so execution. Elwes' performance a big minus against film. 3 stars
8/11/08 Axl if you like sadism and total moral depravity in a director, this one's for you. 1 stars
7/23/08 David V I loved the concept and the direction was well executed, but the acting was a laugh riot. 4 stars
7/19/08 Shaun Wallner Great Horror film!! 5 stars
7/06/08 Jason Strickland Absolutely could have been so much more 3 stars
6/11/08 Dawn MCPike too scary for me....didn't get it 2 stars
5/21/08 sebastian rea The acting was unbearable. The film sucked! Why is everyone so into watching this crap? 1 stars
5/11/08 Tabitha Rabisa The 3rd best horror film ever made (the rest of the trilogy being the other 2) 5 stars
4/12/08 paul Excellent, brilliant. Concept is genious 5 stars
3/24/08 Lemonette Needlessly gory, but I like a surprise ending, How can you over 3 stars
3/10/08 beatrice Who the hell would watch this crap 1 stars
3/03/08 Danny I agree w/Scott W's review - Elwes is always awesome, and so is this movie! 5 stars
2/18/08 Jordan Gotta disagree with you this time david. The film is engaging and interesting. (4 Stars) 4 stars
2/16/08 Tracey Pounds Love the show. Have watched it several times! 5 stars
11/19/07 bre the saw movies are only the best movies EVER 5 stars
11/18/07 marina I love this movie it's one of my favourites 5 stars
11/04/07 Total Crap I hate the Saw series, the first one was, eh. 3 stars
10/29/07 sadsa fuck you 3 stars
10/26/07 Carly Pure genius. 5 stars
10/14/07 edwin menguin i must be getting old 2 stars
8/07/07 Johnny Interesting enough to watch once, but hardly comparable to the brilliant "Cube." 2 stars
7/11/07 Hello Stranger a great twist. i did not see that coming at all 3 stars
6/26/07 jerrad i see a lot of stupid reasons to hate the film. my favorite one "pointless twists" dumbass! 5 stars
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5/09/07 Nic Straight from film school to make a ground breaking film WIKID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
4/30/07 Jess This is a awesom movie i LOVE the saw movies 4 stars
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12/30/06 bet casinos 4 stars
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12/12/05 daniel great, really really fun 4 stars
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10/29/05 cooler one of the worst films ever.A steaming pile of Hollywood trash into an already tepid genre 1 stars
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8/31/05 Vasquez Scariest puppet ever used in the entire history of cinema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
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8/22/05 rizo Bad acting, but overall a sick, creepy, f***ed up, kick-ass mindjob! GREAT ending!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/17/05 Agent Sands OK, so it wasn't very well-acted, but it sure scared the shit out of me! 5 stars
8/16/05 Rohs Flawed but likeable, worth seeing 4 stars
8/15/05 Christine Hosie soso,overhypes,didn't like resolution of film,a real let down 3 stars
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6/24/05 Alexandra Thompson saw was the best movie i've seen in years! 5 stars
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6/13/05 Agent Sands Any scarier and I would've required hospitalization. 5 stars
5/31/05 Hack-SAW BEST Horror-Film of 2004... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/23/05 davy t Total crap,poor dialog ,acting ect a real bitches film 1 stars
5/22/05 Joe The best horror of 2004! No really cause all the other sucks! 5 stars
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4/13/05 BoyInTheDesignerBubble Could have been a great movie. Mean & disturbing. 1 stars
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4/03/05 fhf fuckin' sucks 1 stars
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3/13/05 Fabri Worth looking. The ending was good 5 stars
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2/27/05 mike ok 3 stars
2/23/05 Rock-Steady Great plot, great story, this movie is the bomb b! 5 stars
2/23/05 tatum Cannot keep up the intensity, plus I loath Monica "I hate guns" Potter 3 stars
2/22/05 richard and jacqui some good tense moments until last jigsaw puzzle 3 stars
2/21/05 Darryl Very suspensful, though a bit confusing at times. Keeps you guessing til the end. 4 stars
2/21/05 Agent Sands One of the top 3 scariest movies of all time. I wet myself 3 times, 2 of them on purpose! 5 stars
2/20/05 ad good job 4 stars
2/19/05 emajor that was the best movie i have seen in a long time 5 stars
2/19/05 Mr. Durden On par with Se7en and SOTL. 5 stars
2/18/05 Colleen Goldrick Incredible 4 stars
2/16/05 Johnny Switchblade i would rather watch gay porn for a week than this movie once more 1 stars
2/14/05 Angela Saunders This movie was great if you love horror flicks! It kept you watching. 5 stars
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2/09/05 Maureen As first time filmmakers, James Wan and Leigh Whannel were brilliant.I enjoyed the movie!l 5 stars
2/09/05 New England Patriots = Dynasty pfft, scary? People were laughing at this trash in the theaters. 1 stars
2/02/05 Hilary Adamson Now we see what EricD prefers to fart humor. Gimme farts any day. This isn't a gas! 2 stars
1/31/05 New Jersey Rules This movie would be good if it didn't suck so much. 1 stars
1/26/05 Oh, Anna! I'd 've never guessed you had any shit in you! Might be worth seeeing if it had an ending 2 stars
1/25/05 Graves Yes "what", I concour but overall... SWEET KICK-ARSE FLICK! 5 stars
1/22/05 what not too bad, but the writer has issues 5 stars
1/18/05 Archanist_101 Once again... WICKED SICK SADDISTIC FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/16/05 Anna scared the shit out of me 5 stars
12/29/04 Zaneta If I would have understood the ending, I might have thought it was okay... 1 stars
12/26/04 Freddy nothing spectacular here 3 stars
12/23/04 Kev Any Horror fan would love this movie. If you don't like it you don't get it. 5 stars
12/22/04 magaafi pretty scary...gruesome, but definetly good film 4 stars
12/21/04 John Bale Despite buget restrictions this gritty thriller works with a ghoulish atmosphere 4 stars
12/18/04 Heywood If you can ignore the horrible acting and ridiculous character decision making, it's OK. 3 stars
12/10/04 Archanist_101 WICKED! It's way better than 'Se7en' & 'Silence of the Lambs', dare I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
12/08/04 Ty shocking, thats all it's meant to be 5 stars
12/06/04 Michael I laughed out loud at the evil clown doll and elwes hammy acting 2 stars
12/03/04 jesna was good, made me jump AND think 5 stars
12/02/04 kswiss Elwes sucks and he really ruined the movie. 1 stars
11/29/04 Peteco Saw it. Hate it. 1 stars
11/28/04 luke wow. that's it. just wow. 5 stars
11/26/04 Timmy Is it an coincidence that all the good ratings come from girls 3 stars
11/26/04 Sarah I would recommend it to anyone older than 17 obviously, but what an awesome mystery horror! 5 stars
11/23/04 Mockingbird Eh. Wasn't too boring or dumb. Wasn't too psychologically thrilling either. 3 stars
11/23/04 Megan Amazing! I don't think I'll see another movie that comes close for a long time! 5 stars
11/23/04 Keely Benham Excellent, well worth watching - gory, scary and keeps you guessing 5 stars
11/20/04 Jessica It was great. Blood and guts and twists. Unpredictable till the end! 5 stars
11/20/04 ME Not even worth illegally downloading 1 stars
11/19/04 JIZZ Excellent use of special effects great idea and good plot twists 5 stars
11/18/04 maxomai C+ for suspense, B for gruesome. Rent it. 3 stars
11/18/04 coco SAW!!!, it speaks for its self, I say no more. 5 stars
11/15/04 Kim Blashill THIS SUCKS 1 stars
11/15/04 malcolm not bad overall. hard to believe that guy laid there w/o moving for like 7 hours. 4 stars
11/13/04 Nessa Call me insecure if you want but.......Saw has changed my whole perspective on life!!!!! 5 stars
11/11/04 colin chandler excellent movie keeps u on tha edge till the very end 5 stars
11/11/04 Da Lynchmob See "Saw" before you judge it - its pretty good 4 stars
11/11/04 mrchar Some suspension of disbelief necessary, but good fun 4 stars
11/10/04 Lizard King typical hollywood shit 1 stars
11/09/04 KitKatEyez Potential to be absolute genious. Leaves you wanting more creepiness & less Hollywood BLAH 4 stars
11/08/04 Kittie intelligent, spooky film with an excellent twist and no sugar coating. 4 stars
11/08/04 Christian lady VERY, VERY SCARY---SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF! EXCELLENT PLOT! 5 stars
11/06/04 Dan Stupid, boring, many plot holes... tried to be Seven meets Silence of the Lambs but failed 1 stars
11/05/04 Chris Belldo If only the guy who put together this movie's trailer had also directed the movie...sigh. 2 stars
11/05/04 Buk This writer is a talent. Best movie in a decade... no exceptions. 5 stars
11/05/04 Kelly MEZO I was terrified! I love horror but this one had me to the point of tears, ORIGINAL!!! 5 stars
11/05/04 wiss lots of good chits... 5 stars
11/04/04 russell stelly this one had me squirming in my seat which rarely happens to of the best ever. 5 stars
11/04/04 Sara Chacon It was an awesome movie! 4 stars
11/04/04 mike it was cool!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/03/04 ciaran grumley awful...the so called "twist ending" was patently obvious from the first 2 minutes. 2 stars
11/03/04 Al Guy Great movie with a butt-kicking ending! 5 stars
11/03/04 the dude refreshing to see a good new horror movie, its been awhile 4 stars
11/03/04 Pat Mcclernon Most well writen movie ive seen in my life 5 stars
11/03/04 Candice Roberts The best movie I've ever seen so far! The crazy machine contraption was awesome!! 5 stars
11/03/04 mike this movie sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!i would rather watch clifford the big red dog 1 stars
11/02/04 Shandi I am a complete horror movie buff, seen analysed and laughed at them all. I must say GREAT! 5 stars
11/02/04 dan jules w. hit the nail on the head 5 stars
11/02/04 Kaelen Mitchell One of the best films of the year! Outstanding Plot with mindblowing ending, a must see! 5 stars
11/02/04 Me A grear film 5 stars
11/02/04 lycan boooo-ring 1 stars
11/02/04 j VON stands for victory orgasm nazi 5 stars
11/02/04 maxomai Gruesome and horrifying. A few plot holes. 5 stars
11/02/04 SM Stunning visuals and clever twists. Flawed but promising debut. 4 stars
11/02/04 A F I thought maybe the horrible acting & was part of the film and it would be explained, wrong 1 stars
11/01/04 irbear slow at times, but suspensful with a great ending. 4 stars
11/01/04 von Some of the least inspired writing and acting in recent memory. Cant even approach scary. 1 stars
11/01/04 Jules W. Disturbing premise, super ending, bad acting. 4 stars
11/01/04 Saskatoon Critic Overhyped, underwhelmed 4 stars
11/01/04 hope walking out of the theater, i didnt know what the hell to think. watch it! 5 stars
10/31/04 josh the ending - WOW - there are like 5 mins you dont expect 5 stars
10/31/04 othree Hyped sequel material some good moments. not enuff 2 be great no Silence all lambs no 7 a 4 3 stars
10/31/04 Jim The Movie Freak Inconceivably bad that is more campy than creepy. Elwes gets the Raspberry Award this year 1 stars
10/31/04 Ahnold Sort of Like Seven - not as good, but probably worth a look 4 stars
10/31/04 bigeasy not as scary and suspenseful as i had hoped, but great villian 3 stars
10/31/04 ella bad acting and great premise should be redone. too stylized. 3 stars
10/31/04 Brett One of the worst movies ever. Good potential, interesting premise - BAD acting & script. 2 stars
10/31/04 Me A grear film 5 stars
10/30/04 Angela Constanly has you saying "What the hell is going on here", but in a good way 5 stars
10/30/04 Samuel Not the scariest movie of the yeah....but it was good. 4 stars
10/30/04 mason Great idea, OK acting, rotten ending, looks like a Marilyn Manson video. 3 stars
10/30/04 MorallySound So intense!!!! Awesome acting!!! Amazing! My new favorite flick! 5 stars
10/30/04 Project Mayhemer Easily one of the best thrillers in years, and the ending is great 4 stars
10/30/04 colin It was a excellent movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time 4 stars
10/29/04 bill An ok movie that needed a rewrite. 3 stars
10/23/04 ODH One of the worst horror flicks I have ever seen and I have seen some bad ones!!! 1 stars
10/23/04 peter great idea, shame about how it turned out. 1 stars
10/22/04 Molly says Se7en is SMARTER No emotional build - I didn't buy the severing of the foot, the dialogue, or Elwes. 2 stars
10/16/04 My Opinion Is Better Than Yours BEST FILM EVER 5 stars
10/15/04 Skunk D Ridiculous!! Haven't slept since I've seen the movie 5 stars
10/12/04 doug abernethy clever ideas and original narrative style let down by a clanky script and some pretty woode 3 stars
10/12/04 Lucy Great storyline, great twists, very good acting, the best and most gripping horror ever! 5 stars
10/12/04 DK Chris Parry, I dont know what you are talking about, this film was amazing. 5 stars
10/09/04 james W.O.W. (Worthy of Watching) 5 stars
10/07/04 Lewis Brilliant! A shocking film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 4 stars
10/07/04 Merkin Extremely disappointed in this movie. Cary Elwes was awful. The audience was laughing. 2 stars
10/05/04 Jay You can tell this is a Aussie Film, total lack of anything worth watching. 1 stars
10/05/04 M Jones Watch it for yourself. Amazingly Good. Best horror i have seen in a long time. 5 stars
10/04/04 matty acting seemed a bit wooden the the twist was the dogs bollox 4 stars
10/04/04 G Blair No, no, no, NO!! A truly dismal script with huge plot holes and terrible acting. Avoid it! 2 stars
10/04/04 Liam Quinn This film is absolute toss 1 stars
10/02/04 Neil V ery good with twist all the way 5 stars
9/29/04 Tony It was fun, but could have been "Awesome" if the characters did things that made sense. 3 stars
9/14/04 hj good 5 stars
8/13/04 Joshua Chilling with real claustrophobic intensity. 5 stars
8/05/04 Sykopat Pretty good! 5 stars
7/21/04 Mark Burnett Saw is awesome. Why? Because itwas made by Aussies. 5 stars
7/13/04 Sean Harrop Saw was about as sexy as my grandmother. Love David Bell 5 stars
7/04/04 kevin s Great horror movie, very disturbing! I loved it! 5 stars
6/09/04 Corey Damn good horror flick. Unlike Blair Witch this film really does scare you. 5 stars
5/04/04 Steve Garvey The smartest horror film I have ever seen. These two young men have great talent. 5 stars
1/31/04 Jennifer SAW is like an amusement park ride, you leave a little sick but ready to get back in line. 4 stars
1/27/04 Brian Wilkins One of the best horror films of all time 5 stars
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  29-Oct-2004 (R)
  DVD: 18-Oct-2005



Directed by
  James Wan

Written by
  Leigh Whannell

  Cary Elwes
  Danny Glover
  Monica Potter
  Leigh Whannell
  Tobin Bell
  Michael Emerson

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