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Total Crap79.16%

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Batman & Robin
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by Chris Parry

"Simply, one of the two worst films of the last ten years."
1 stars

Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this. The feeling of annoyance at having spent money to see this abhorrent waste of celluloid was what inspired us to create Hollywood Bitchslap in the first place.

Okay, Speed 2 was a contributing factor, but Batman And Robin started the ball rolling.


Because it's the most perfect case of Hollywood treating the masses like unthinking cattle that I've ever been privy to.

Check it out.

You have the world's most phallic Batmobile ever, it's a penis, no question. By Schumacher's own admission, "it just speaks cock".

You have extreme close-ups of stunt butts in the leather Batman suit in the opening two seconds of the film, mostly George Clooney's and Chris O'Donnell's, but occasionally Alicia's butt double too. That's not anything I need to see in the opening of a film. George Clooney's tight leather clad butt in Cinemascope?? Good God, I nearly spat my popcorn.

You have such unsubtle gay sexual imagery as a huge statue of a muscled-up boy holding two balls, which serves as a streetlight.
Uh, that's not gothic, that's man-to-man-love.

You have Batman and Robin having a jealousy fight because Robin's in love with a "girl", poor old bear-daddy George doesn't feel Chris should be falling for that "viper". Pleeeeease.

You have Schwarzenegger in a role that didn't allow him to A: move, B: act, C: do anything else. Why was he there? Oh yeah. He got star-billing, so he was the consumer lure. Gotcha. "Enroll Arnold, fork out $20m and we don't even need to make him do anything!" must have been the studio mantra.

You have bad guys on ice in hockey outfits, shooting explosive pucks n'shit. Now, this must have been a Jon Peters idea, because it's the dumbest ass shit since.. well the opening of the film, not to mention a Running Man rip-off. In fact, this scene (crooks on ice) was so bad that when they tested the film, people were laughing at it. Reshoots were arranged (though the studio denied it) and did they cut the scene? NO! They just reshot it! Oh, the humanity...

Then there's a skysurfing scene. B&R get stuck in a rocket, hurtling into space. So what do they do? They kick out a door each, throw themselves out the rocket, land on the falling doors and skysurf them to the ground. Safely. I mean, if it sounds like the lamest idea since the Arnold-scapades, that's because it is. Suspension of disbeleif doesn't even come into it. This is total shit from clay.

Then we have Uma. She falls into a hole in the ground filled with poison, then three days later comes up in a green suit saying "my veins are filled with poison and my kiss is deadly" or some such shit. Basically, being underground in poison for three days aparently supplies you with a latex suit, complete biological information, and a new hairstyle. And it let's you control all plantlife. Gotcha.

Then there's Alicia. Not to be rude or anything, but, hang on scratch that. This is to be rude. SHE'S A PORKER! But that's okay. I mean, Excess Baggage or not, that shouldn't mean she can't act, right? Well, she can't. Or at least she doesn't.

AND! AND! In the action scenes you get this situation where they cut from a skinny, flipping, kicking stunt double to close-ups of el-porko bulging out of her suit.

There's more. There's gags like, oh how I laughed at this one, Batman giving someone a... HAHAHAHAH... get this.. giving someone a credit card with "Batman" on it...HAHHAHAHA... and then he says "I never leave the cave without it". BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAA!

One person in the cinema laughed at that joke, I swear. Lots of others turned and looked at him saying "you found that funny?"
This is clearly the same guy who laughs every time Murtagh and Riggs say "I'm getting too old for this shit".

Put simply, this was gay fantasia, which in itself I have no problem with at all. But I didn't pay to see Love! Valour! Compassion! or Priscilla, I paid to see Batman And Robin. And I, like everyone else there that day, got well and truly ripped off.
Instead we got a Joel Schumacher home-made porno.

And it all comes down to John Peters and Joel Schumacher having a complete lack of respect for the viewing public. For that they deserve to be strapped in a chair and have B&R and Speed 2 played for them on a loop for eternity.

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originally posted: 08/26/98 15:24:46
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User Comments

4/28/20 Cory Greer This movie is so colorful, I love it and it gets way too much flak 5 stars
12/17/18 Ajp wales Clooney plays mid 90s clooney. It like superman the movie never happened. 1 stars
11/07/17 MORRIS CAMPBELL the worst in the franchise 1 stars
9/22/15 Kyndal Smith So cheesy but its still worth seeing. 3 stars
8/20/15 Deez Nuts Retarded 1 stars
2/20/15 Chris Jarmick Insult to Burton's first two films but entertaining camp crap 3 stars
5/20/12 Sheryl Granholm Not worth watching sober, which is fine, because it will drive you to drink. 1 stars
2/17/12 Alex Gomez silly 2 stars
2/12/12 Tony Hogan The worst Batman ever - at least with the TV series you know it would be cheesy (be design) 1 stars
9/11/11 Dorothy Rozdilsky bored with this film, Not a good portrayal of characters 2 stars
9/09/11 Scot Dee Just a bad movie 1 stars
9/08/11 Todd Teghtmeyer The movie that almost singlehandedly killed the Batman movie franchise forever. 1 stars
8/10/11 WENDY I'm still asking george clooney why??? 2 stars
5/09/11 Trey Total crap! Shiny and kinetic, like a childs' toy, but without the depth... 1 stars
11/07/10 Will Russell Hilarious movie! Unintentionally, but still... 2 stars
1/20/10 Mohammad Mirza not a great batman movie of course but it's still entertaining. 3 stars
1/20/10 Stanley Thai Easily the worst in the series but you can't help but enjoy some scenes of hilarity. 2 stars
1/01/10 Dane Youssef This one tries to be the campy Adam West TV series on the big screen for a zillion dollars. 1 stars
11/04/09 Whatevr A BAT CREDIT CARD?!!! 1 stars
11/04/09 Kurtis How could a franchise that started out so great turn so bad? This movie is bad bad bad bad! 1 stars
10/01/09 John Aster It doesn't deserve this sort of critism if u see homoeroticism that's n ur head 5 stars
9/14/09 Jeff Wilder Looks great. But Akiva Goldsman cannot write dialogue. 2 stars
6/15/09 R Lan Clooney almost ruined the Batman franchise. By far, the worst of the Batman movies 1 stars
6/12/09 Nick Funny stuff 1 stars
1/19/09 mr.mike One of the only Batman and/or Clooney movies that I liked. 4 stars
1/10/09 the dork knight I can't imagine anyone over the age of 8 liking it. 1 stars
11/26/08 Leo T bad. 1 stars
10/18/08 AshleyRockO Horrible freakin movie. Batman's suit at the end was awesome though. 1 stars
7/19/08 Chuck W The worst movie I ever paid to see. 1 stars
7/09/08 Farnsy Come on it wasnt that bad 4 stars
6/21/08 David V Was Schumacher high when he made this or just that untalented? 1 stars
3/11/08 Aliens #1 Fan george clooney killed batman and the joker, pengiun, and freeze couldn't 1 stars
11/22/07 dude one of the worst movies ever 1 stars
11/01/07 Total Crap Why do we hate this movie so much?? Cuz it's a piece of shit. 1 stars
10/12/07 Charles BIFF! BANG! SUCK!!! 2 stars
8/26/07 Rustybutt Why the hell does everyone hate this so much? 4 stars
3/20/07 dude one of the worst movies ever 1 stars
3/07/07 dprodigy Let's make the batmobile a giant dildo. Yeah, let's do that 1 stars
3/06/07 Mr X Joel Schumacher is history's greatest monster! GET HIM!!! 1 stars
2/17/07 Vip Ebriega It lacks something of a good thing. 2 stars
2/03/07 Vip Ebriega Kid's stuff!!!! 3 stars
1/10/07 johnnyfog Schumacher's homoerotic obsession cost Silverstone her career, and nearly Uma's. IDIOT! 1 stars
1/08/07 Anthony Feor This is what happens when you hire writers without good ideas 3 stars
1/07/07 Jiz Damn, I almost forgot how shit this movie was, thank God for cable, eh? 1 stars
12/28/06 Stan This movie almost sucks! Alicia Silverstone shouldilverstone should NOT have been BNOT have 2 stars
12/26/06 johnnyfog Oh right Batman has is own credit card. SHUMACHER WHYYYY?!?!! 1 stars
12/14/06 D. Kickham Not a classic, but still entertaining. 4 stars
10/23/06 WTF Know what Slyder, yer absolutely right. Batman is supposed to dark. Not a FAGGOT! 1 stars
10/03/06 Jeremy Davies not terrible, but quite silly 2 stars
9/13/06 date movie sucks ummmm no not even close 1 stars
8/08/06 David Cohen The movie that broke the goofy meter 1 stars
7/21/06 inty total junk 1 stars
7/19/06 Michael Depressing movie, but Nolan should have made a sequel. Not scrap an 8 year legacy. 2 stars
6/18/06 jcnice camp, but not good camp 2 stars
6/16/06 Annie I like this movie alot i like all the batmans! 4 stars
6/06/06 ES WTF? Rubber nipples? WTF? 1 stars
6/05/06 chris massive letdown to the first two, shumacher has no idea 1 stars
4/27/06 poo my name says it all 1 stars
3/31/06 Movie sucks Bad Movie 1 stars
3/29/06 Batman This movie blows 1 stars
3/28/06 Brian Meyer I hope someone died for this. Died a gruesome, fiery death. 1 stars
3/26/06 Sean D HOLY BATCRAP BOY WONDER 1 stars
3/11/06 katinka poop 1 stars
2/11/06 Anthony Not all its cracked up to be 2 stars
1/04/06 me gay as Schumacher 1 stars
1/03/06 Wiseman I like the ones made by Tim Burton&BatmanBegins, But this one...Somone smoked too muchCRACK 1 stars
12/30/05 Agent Sands The FUCK?! 1 stars
12/29/05 tony What happend? I mean the first 3 were fine but this one is just all over the place 2 stars
12/23/05 cody a terrible sequel with good actors like george ,chris ,arnold ,and alisa, cool effects * 1 stars
10/14/05 Georgie Best WANTED: Joel Schumacher. Considered armed and dangerous, ready to destroy another franchise 1 stars
9/22/05 Fritz Not bad for what it is. More of a remake of the old Batman TV show. 3 stars
9/08/05 paki_munda avoid this! 1 stars
8/25/05 salamone Movies just don't get much worse than this...bottom-of-the-barrel. 1 stars
8/23/05 Eden The worst film ever made? Yes. 1 stars
8/18/05 green gremlin Come back Adam West - all is forgiven !!! 1 stars
8/04/05 dew-e WORST BATMAN MOVIE EV-ER!!!!! 1 stars
7/21/05 Chris This movie is just insulting! 1 stars
7/21/05 Brandy Harrington SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT 1 stars
7/12/05 sbpat21 a horrible waste of time 1 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma Thanks a lot Schumacher, for almost destroying the Batman character which I love dearly 1 stars
6/22/05 Monster W. Kung Schumacher, from ME to YOU: FUCK YOU! 1 stars
6/21/05 tony I thought it was ok. But why the hell is george cloony batman? 2 stars
6/21/05 R schumacher does like the fellas. 1 stars
6/20/05 Manu Ginobli It sucks. 1 stars
5/15/05 Graeme George Clooney is the worst Batman by far. Still, entertaining as all batman films are. 3 stars
5/12/05 E-FUNK I can imagine this is what gay porn is like... but with a superhero theme. 1 stars
4/29/05 Valerie Furr Did not care much for the movie 3 stars
4/23/05 H Lin eh... 3 stars
3/26/05 JC Pierce The more they make, the worst they get 1 stars
3/09/05 LarryV Not the worst comic book movie ever, but still not that good. 2 stars
2/20/05 abhster Worst of the Batman movies and full of kitsch. Not absolutely awful though! 2 stars
2/13/05 Matt Fekete Spits in the face of fans of the comic. 1 stars
2/03/05 PaulBryant Yep, I think it is the worst 1 stars
1/30/05 Jeff Anderson The GAYEST movie ever made, and that's really saying something! 1 stars
1/02/05 Delirium Tremens About as enjoyable as a pus-covered, maggot-ridden wound on my cock. 1 stars
12/10/04 Kristina Williams Alicia was fat as fuck, but Uma is still smokin' 1 stars
11/18/04 chris not as bad as reutation has it 4 stars
10/24/04 NJ Cup Winner 95-00-03 I could eat a roll of film and CRAP a better movie 1 stars
10/21/04 Ryan I did'nt laugh, I cried. horrible. 1 stars
9/15/04 Naka Yes, folks, after everything you've heard...IT'S THAT BAD. Damn hilarious tho. 3 stars
8/07/04 ALDO Schumacher is a FOOL batman appearing in 1 stars
8/06/04 ELI It's so bad it's funny 1 stars
7/27/04 jorge figuereo if you are atrue batman fan you will love this movie, because it's not about the acting- 3 stars
7/20/04 N. Christopher Bell Holy gay-love innuendo, Batman! This move blows! 1 stars
6/15/04 earl duron painfully bad 1 stars
6/14/04 Spiderfan50 C'mon. It wasn't THAT bad! 3 stars
6/03/04 Angel Thurman is fabulous. The script is delightfully silly, and Robin is a hottie. 3 stars
4/21/04 Daveman Forever might've been rather sucky, but this turkey makes it look a like a masterpiece. 1 stars
3/31/04 American Slasher Goddess Godawful,but Thurman's perf. is good,though. 1 stars
3/20/04 Jack-pyschO-Lantern I agree with 'Guru' & 'Umbrella Corporation'... Why Schumacher & no fucking way, Mr. Cloony 1 stars
3/19/04 The Guru WORST movie EVER. Any genre. Schumacher should've been arrested. 1 stars
3/18/04 Umbrella Corporation. George Clooney as Batman? FUCK NO! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO Val Kilmer!??????????????????? 1 stars
3/02/04 blue FUCK THIS MOVIE!!! 1 stars
2/23/04 Naturezrevenge The homoerotic nipple show. Alicia is repulsive. Thurman is always the bomb though. 1 stars
2/23/04 Whatevr (sound of me spitting on the flick) 1 stars
2/02/04 I Would Stop. What is the meaning of this cruelty? 1 stars
1/27/04 mesh I want to shoot myself after seeing this 1 stars
1/14/04 larry smithe FUCK YOU TOO SHUMACHER 1 stars
12/17/03 Tim Triangle Good in parts just make a cuppa tea when it gets crap 3 stars
12/09/03 Samuel Chris O' Donnel sucks as Robin...I think he's the one who ruined the last two Batman films! 2 stars
12/06/03 Agent Sands (previously Mr. Hat) Why PG-13? It should be rated G, because if it were a kids movie it would garner 2 stars. 1 stars
12/05/03 john if you never see this movie you are very lucky 1 stars
11/01/03 American Slasher Goddess The worst of the series. Thurman is good as Posion Ivy, though. 1 stars
10/08/03 Denise After Batman Forever I could not wait for this movie, they totally ruined it!!!!! 1 stars
9/23/03 Sugarfoot Just when you thought it couldn't get worse then #3 1 stars
9/23/03 jack oh my dear sweet fucking jesus i shit my pants in the theater! it was that bad! 1 stars
8/30/03 Gazza E It was SOOO bad, I wan't to leave the theatre. The worst movie I had seen in many years. 1 stars
8/04/03 FILM BUFF oH MY GOD!!!!! The first two were great. This just sucks 1 stars
7/29/03 Asshat O'Donnell can't act his way out of a paper bag. This movie was a steaming pile! 1 stars
6/08/03 Ripper This pile of crap is an example of everything that is wrong with Hollywood 1 stars
5/06/03 King of the Kebabs Schwarzenpecker should not get paid for this crap. Simple 1 stars
4/17/03 Jon "Thumb the Toad" Lyrik Someone should kill Joel Shitface for making the worst film ever made. 1 stars
3/24/03 Jack Sommersby Not nearly as bad as "Batman Forever". 2 stars
2/20/03 Ultron Bad stuff. 1 stars
2/18/03 Shwartzy was good, but everyone else induced vomiting 1 stars
2/11/03 Ubu the Ripper There's not a rating low enough for this movie. Few movies are this painful to watch. 1 stars
2/07/03 natasha_theobald I love Clooney even more for surviving the hard times 1 stars
1/31/03 T.D.Y. I am very proud that I own the first two Batman movies 1 stars
1/04/03 I absolutely despise this film, and I really hated Roboi/Batgirl!!! 1 stars
1/01/03 STEVE WHAT IN THE WORLD...!?. 1 stars
12/30/02 Andrew Made me feel more stupider. Head hurts. 1 stars
12/21/02 Bro BoB Arnie would win the gay actor of the year awadr for this piece of crap 1 stars
12/20/02 Adam That codpiece is where I draw the line 1 stars
12/12/02 NoRefill I paid my money and I'm gonna see all the movie ... barely 1 stars
12/02/02 Mike Godawful 1 stars
11/28/02 Bat Bev This movie bites big, bushy bat balls!! Robin really licks the cock in the movie. 1 stars
11/26/02 Bring Burton Back!!!!!! This movie sucks and blows hard - just like Schumacher. 1 stars
11/19/02 Nevz Time to FREEZ.... 2 stars
11/04/02 CVJ Another insult to Batman BRING BACK BURTON & KEATON! 2 stars
10/02/02 snowconehead Arnolds presence still can't make up for the nipples and buttcrack on the batsuit. 1 stars
10/01/02 Lou Kill me...Kill me... 1 stars
9/28/02 Batbuns I'm suprised that Batman didn't make Robin bend over and be his little bitch. 1 stars
9/03/02 P.Rodriguez Gave it Pretty Crappy Out of pity 2 stars
8/17/02 Andrew Patrick Note To Arnold's appearence It $#%^*&^ sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/16/02 Shaun it might be a fuckin' cartoon, you will role your eyes at times, but its watchable 3 stars
5/25/02 Charles Tatum Unbelievably unmemorable 1 stars
5/13/02 Phoenix I love Uma Thurman in this movie, but Clooney and Schwartzenegger are terrible. 2 stars
4/27/02 maximal01 this Batman, or did I stumble into a screening of the Ambiguously Gay Duo? 1 stars
4/24/02 Danielle Ophelia Even without the gratuitous homoerotic subtext, a slap-ass black hole of a film. 1 stars
4/21/02 Bruce Wayne where the hell is Tim Burton and Michael Keaton because only he knows how to do it right!! 1 stars
4/03/02 Butterbean Schumacher shits all over what Burton started, robs the audience, then runs for the hills. 2 stars
4/01/02 Film Guy One 90 Min Gay Joke 1 stars
3/19/02 Justin Simpson I agree with Slyder. This movie blew. I couldn't sit through the whole thing. Poor Batman. 1 stars
3/05/02 Melissa in NYC Die Joel, die! 1 stars
2/28/02 Alan Smithee The luscious Uma Thurman is the only thing keeping this film above being a complete turd. 2 stars
2/26/02 Obi Wan Who green lit this movie?? He should be stoned to death!! 1 stars
1/05/02 Magnum Craphole Second worst movie of the 90s. 1 stars
12/31/01 MF Pointless, plotless, and damn funny! too bad it's an action flic! 1 stars
12/20/01 Goldhammer Unspeakably lame homo fantasy. Laffed when Arnie fell in the tank. Not cuz it was funny tho 1 stars
12/13/01 Dominik Duprelle Like walking through a series of Gay Clubs with the most inane people ever born 1 stars
11/30/01 Cookie Cutter Fucking bullshit! 1 stars
11/19/01 shawn It Was ok like you said it did suck 2 stars
10/28/01 Nolan I have no words 1 stars
10/07/01 jawsboy bad script, bad action, bad acting, homoerotic, annoying. maybe two good scenes in this ??? 2 stars
9/26/01 Shane Robert Myers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cloony is better at battleing vampires then, Some Jack frost dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
9/06/01 spaceworm Frozen dogshit (although post ") Brother," Clooney would be worth a five minute peek). 1 stars
9/01/01 the scarecrow Holy Homo Erotic Subtext Batman!! Awful, horrible, unbearable, extremely gay. 1 stars
8/30/01 Paul Guimond Hard to believe they actually pay people to make crap like this. 1 stars
8/29/01 Gary This is so bad it makes me cry. 1 stars
8/28/01 Bueller And I thought the T.V. show was campy! Schumacher made me wish Ceasar Romero would appear. 2 stars
8/25/01 Obi Wan Holy shit batman!!! 1 stars
8/24/01 John Mueller Only movie I ever rented that I couldn't stand to sit through 1 stars
8/19/01 Judge Skinner So bad i laughed throughout the film. 1 stars
8/10/01 E-Funk This is the biggest piece of lame, homo-erotic, Schumacher drivel...Just fucking horrible. 1 stars
8/08/01 Leave Me Alone Unbearable, unwatchable..burn all copies to protect future generations from it 1 stars
8/02/01 KC Au Awful! I blame director Joel Schumacher for this mess!! Why is he still directing movies?!! 1 stars
8/01/01 GLT COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP!!! schumaker should be in prison for this hackfest!!! 1 stars
7/25/01 TLsmooth Uma sucks. Arnie sucks. O'fucking Donnell sucks. Silverstone sucks. I suck for watching it. 1 stars
7/25/01 Emperor Who financed this abortion? 1 stars
7/09/01 Caligula an incompetent/moronic/idiotic/dumb/pathetic piece of fucking shit 1 stars
7/06/01 Craig Blanchard Clooney & that little fruit O'Donnell, should be locked away.Actually the whole cast should 1 stars
6/21/01 Joe Guz Worst big budget movie ever!!! Didn't want to even finish the film!!!! 1 stars
6/17/01 Michael Joel Schumacher sucks, bring back Burton 1 stars
6/13/01 Joel Schumacher I truly apologise for being responsible for this wretched crap 1 stars
6/13/01 blap Schwarzenegger and Uma had no idea of what they were getting into 2 stars
6/13/01 King Jackass Piece... of.... shit 1 stars
6/10/01 Turtle The 1989 Batman suffered from bad acting and bad storyline. Ditto in this one. 3 stars
6/02/01 Semper Fi Umm so -so 3 stars
5/26/01 Roy J, you're what's considered TASTELESS. How could anybody prefer THIS over Burton's Batman? 1 stars
5/23/01 the scarecrow LISA YOU HAVE NO TASTE!!! this movie sucked my grandpa's ass!! 1 stars
5/22/01 mjm103171 George Clooney is a decent cast for Batman but the script SUCKED!(This from a die hard fan) 2 stars
5/21/01 Ray McCoy Surfs up!!! Cowabunga!!!!! WTF??? When do vigilantes have fun fighting crime? 1 stars
5/09/01 Monster W. Kung Crap, no doubt about it. But I've seen worse. 2 stars
5/04/01 Gracy Lionheart I've seen worse movies (not many). Bad action, bad acting, and bad comedy. Dumb as heck. 2 stars
4/18/01 Korben Dallas So bad it's good, or is it plain bad? 3 stars
4/13/01 Kel-C this movie sucked!!! We really need Burton, Elfman and even keaton again to fix this Crap! 1 stars
4/06/01 fifu what the fuck Give it to Keaton again he is batman 1 stars
4/01/01 Jesse L Oh man this was painful. Ouch! 1 stars
3/27/01 Deckard Gay porn?!? I repeat, GAY PORN?!? WTF is wrong with Shumacher? Keep that to yourself, sicko 1 stars
3/26/01 Hobbes The Bat Credit card: BWAH HA HA HA HA cough cough 1 stars
3/22/01 Thomas J. camera angles to the crotch...what did you expect from a gay director? 1 stars
3/18/01 Ichabod Crane HELLO! this isn't a comedy, lisa. Anyway, this movie sucks. 1 stars
3/18/01 Corbin Dallas A Laugh Riot 3 stars
3/15/01 Richard Wright Not the worst blockbuster I've seen, but the series definetly needs a new direction. 2 stars
3/12/01 Kellis the best part of the movie was Chris O Donnell 2 stars
3/09/01 BART this should've sent Bob Kane spinning in his grave. I hate you, Joel! 1 stars
3/02/01 lisa the real robin used to turn me on, o'donnel just a cheap imitation 1 stars
2/28/01 Ticiana Maria Ramos de Castro Boring,..., terrible ! 1 stars
2/19/01 Steve in Prague Gay porn...typical the gay power elite in Hollywood want their gay agenda shown 1 stars
2/15/01 KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi This is so bad people in the theater were booing it. I swear to God. 1 stars
2/14/01 Amish Commando The single worst movie of all time....I saw it for free and felt ripped off.. 1 stars
2/08/01 Slyder Sorry to break it to you, but this series is not supposed to be a fucking comedy 1 stars
2/06/01 Turtle It's okay, but it's not the best Batman film. For that, see Batman Returns. 3 stars
2/01/01 ludolecorse Where is Tim Burton? Let's all bury the new sexy-gay Batman 1 stars
1/22/01 Diego Romero Scenario:It´s hot,you open the last soda but your sister comes and spills it,how ya feel ? 1 stars
1/08/01 NoRefill Speed 2 was the only other movie I've ever watched that sucked more. I wish for a 0 rating 1 stars
1/05/01 the scarecrow thanks a lot joel. youve turned a movie series with potential into a jumbled mess..... 1 stars
1/03/01 Corbin Dallas This is The BEST MOVIE OF 1997, Just Joking, it's a piece of crummy dummy shit. 1 stars
1/02/01 stranded on the Island worst movie I have ever seen in a theatre. I couldn't even root for the bad guys! 1 stars
1/02/01 Terry Spot on review, this film is so bad its unbelievable not very ICE as Arnie would say, GROAN 1 stars
12/29/00 EvilDead-Ash The Best Movie i've ever seen, APRIL FOOL! 1 stars
12/17/00 Doug Dogg Joel Schumacher should be executed for this display of shameless filmmaking, fuck you joel! 1 stars
12/05/00 John Lindsey THE GREATIST MOVIE EVER!!!!, I Don't Think SO!!!!! 1 stars
12/03/00 Phil BAT SKATES ARE COOL.........wait, that totally sucked.......worst movie ever.. 1 stars
11/28/00 Cristopher Revilla what a totally, boring, stupid, terrible, fucked up, piece of imbreaded shit! SUCKS!! 1 stars
11/06/00 He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken Hey, Jed, lay off the weed! This movie BLOWS! 1 stars
10/31/00 john mallko a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
10/28/00 Mic Pathetic direction, no atmosphere, shocking acting, "what script?". 1 stars
10/27/00 Evil Cartman Hella gay! 1 stars
10/22/00 Hal Shumacher (and the WB execs) should be SHOT for this! Absolute disgrace of a "film". 1 stars
9/20/00 Jeff shite 1 stars
9/12/00 John Lindsey MY GOD What a Waste. 1 stars
8/03/00 Terrie Smith Only complaint; went overboard on the special effects. Otherwise OK. 3 stars
6/27/00 Egghead I found it Egg-scruciating! Please egg-sterminate Schumacher! 1 stars
5/29/00 Cooke I threw this movie in a bat cave 1 stars
5/13/00 Bat Why? Why? Why? 1 stars
4/30/00 Matt HORRIED SHITE!NO GOOD! 1 stars
4/30/00 Fishsticks By some horrid mistake, all the outtakes were used for the film! 1 stars
4/16/00 BB-15 The worst movie in the WORLD! Joel Schumacher should be shot! 1 stars
4/07/00 Fred Screw you,Jana. Clooney better than Keaton?Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!Yeah right! 1 stars
4/01/00 malcolm no more than 3, usually 2, good movies out of any concept.(see Scream, Superman etc) 1 stars
3/25/00 Richard Wright Not one of the worst films ever made, but only really watchable as eye candy. Shallow junk. 2 stars
3/17/00 Lame-Oh OHMIGOD! 1 stars
3/07/00 J. Alán Blankenship Joel Schumacher+Batman=Horse Shit 1 stars
3/05/00 Pizaster the only movie series where every one sucked. 1 stars
3/02/00 Japtalian What a piece of sheeeeet!!! 1 stars
3/01/00 Mic Can't get much worse than this. 1 stars
2/11/00 Kyle Broflovski Gratutious Bat-Buttshots. Numerous Bat-Cliches. An unfortuante Bat-Turkey. 2 stars
1/31/00 Hmm... Enjoyable-but only if taken at face value,and when not compared to parts 1 and 2. 3 stars
1/25/00 mister man Will somebody get a license to burn all copies of this please? 1 stars
1/19/00 k.tomkowski Schumacher should be forbidden to direct. A horrible script. 2 stars
1/13/00 Jedi15 I can sum this whole movie up in two words: BAT NIPPLES! 1 stars
1/12/00 dr.d What?!?! 1 stars
1/09/00 John Markham Arnie makes the "block of wood" role his own, in this dung heap.PLEASE DO NOT WATCH. 1 stars
1/04/00 Nice Guy Eddie The worst movie I've seen in a theatre, I was so bored I bought popcorn to pass the time. 1 stars
12/22/99 Deckard How did this thing get made?There isn't ONE bearable thing in this ENTIRE "movie". 1 stars
12/13/99 Ted Wetzel Reasons to stay away from this dog:Shitmaker,Arnie,Clooney,O'Donnel,Thurman,Silverstone 1 stars
11/25/99 Bob Barker Jed - no need to vote multiple times. The movie still sucks. 1 stars
11/04/99 Mickey "Father Death" MacJohnstmyster This F#@%ing sucked , throw your money down the drain it's better value . 1 stars
11/01/99 Weird Andy "...and not even give him the common courtesy of a reacharound!" Eat guano, Schumacher. 1 stars
10/05/99 Bozo a colossal waste of time, money & talent...wait, I meant mine! 1 stars
8/20/99 Chris Bush Possibly the most mockable big-budget film ever 1 stars
8/16/99 Lucy B. Absolutely horrible! Only good thing about it was I didn't pay to see it. Pathetic! 1 stars
7/02/99 Cage Yes, it REALLY SUCKED! But you know what? It had some moments, and any BATMAN is cool. 3 stars
6/28/99 Arkansas Jon It has too many stars, too little Batman. Next to no plot. But there are 1 or 2 moments. 2 stars
6/28/99 Ricardo The most unbelievalbe movie that doesnt deserve this name 1 stars
5/22/99 Ah Dooey Batman fad is ancient history. Get rid of those f**kers! 1 stars
4/06/99 Michael Grimm blows chunks 2 stars
3/31/99 The Graduate Let the franchise die. Please let it die. Or bring back Keaton, Burton, and Nichelson. 1 stars
3/06/99 Eric Walker It was so bad, I literally *geussed* some of the cheesy one-liners before they were said!! 1 stars
1/25/99 Chloe Marie Elestenogoph ( Kill them all. 1 stars
1/12/99 Doug Dogg could have been oscar material, it needed more explosions and corey haim 1 stars
1/03/99 Dasha Jesus, -I- could write a better script than that. 1 stars
1/01/99 Binky An unmitigated disaster. Schumacher treated the audience like morons and it bit his ass. 1 stars
12/29/98 thEnd I guess they did a 'prequil' rather well, and no the prequil isn't in the story. 1 stars
11/26/98 Mr.Pink Everything in this is horrible (even Clooney). 1 stars
11/25/98 DrEvil I suppose the studio couldn't afford writers, with all the money they blew on this thing. 1 stars
11/16/98 Lord Of The Dunce Simply abhorrent. 1 stars
11/12/98 Jules I think this movie is a state of things to come. Hand me the razor. 1 stars
11/05/98 Bad Kosh Nanananananananananana, Fatman! You fellas oughta laugh! 1 stars
11/04/98 Anne Frank Batman Visa!! Robin says "Cowabunga"! Ya gotta laugh! 1 stars
11/02/98 MR HOLLYWOOD !! Ummmmmm......maybe the next one will be better ?!?! 2 stars
10/18/98 Kwyjibo Seriously, wasn't the studio watching how their mopney was being spent? Why do another? 1 stars
10/14/98 Alex F. About as much fun as screwing a decaying corpse infested with flesh eating ants 1 stars
10/05/98 Negative Creep This isnt a film. I hear they show these to convicts and they get Scared Straight! ARRRGH! 1 stars
9/27/98 {{{OZ}}} You can't tell me Schumacher wasn't laughing when he filmed this. What a con job. Outrage. 1 stars
9/25/98 Pat Flanagan It's only saving grace that summer was that it wasn't Lost World! 1 stars
9/23/98 Milhouse Faqw The script was probably dogshit that formed letters. Second worst of 1996. 1 stars
9/18/98 Couch Potato Critic A totally punk film. Schumacher made a complete waste of film and money. 1 stars
9/13/98 Como Erectus If I ever see Schumacher in the street, he better be packing a gun. 1 stars
9/12/98 kanatcha what a waste of my precious precious time. i could have gone out and saved the world 1 stars
9/10/98 Bruce Willis' mama. What a cuntrag. 1 stars
9/09/98 Spat Man By thr powers of Spat Man i SPAT on this movie! shit 1 stars
9/08/98 Young Einstein What a fucking disgrace of a film. 1 stars
9/06/98 BBReBozo Unfortunately there's not a star rating below this. I came so fucking close to walking out. 1 stars
9/05/98 Kid Pee-Pee If this isn't the worst film of the decade, tell me what is. Total smegma. 1 stars
8/31/98 MikeF Piece of shit. I'm glad my gay uncle didn't get this for me. 1 stars
8/31/98 Arnold's agent. I swear, this wasn't my fault. I tried to talk him out of it. Fuck you, Joel. 1 stars
8/26/98 zubilicious Someone would have to pay me serious cash to see this movie for a second time. 1 stars
8/24/98 Pretender Suicidal warning. You'll want to cut yourself after this film. 1 stars
8/24/98 The Vapid Goofball Kill Schumacher. He's lost it. Or he hates us. Either way. 1 stars
8/23/98 Mister Whoopee Aparently $200m buys you a very mediocre gay fantasy these days. Ask Joel Schumacher. 1 stars
8/21/98 Pete I haven't felt so dirty since Speed 2.. and before that Independance Day. 1 stars
8/16/98 Paulie Good for a five year old autistic kid 2 stars
8/16/98 Johny I laughed until I cried 1 stars
8/15/98 Vanessa I paid 4 dollars for this movie... where's my refund? 1 stars
8/14/98 Ryan_A Sweet merciful crap, this was the movie I hated most in 1997. 1 stars
8/14/98 Minipulator What did you expect? George Clooney headlined. Funny guy, bad actor. 1 stars
8/14/98 {{{OZ}}} Gay fantasia. Ripped off. 1 stars
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  20-Jul-1997 (PG-13)
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  29-Jun-1995 (PG)

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