Batman & Robin

Reviewed By clark
Posted 08/25/98 15:10:22

"i'm sorry oz, THIS is the worst movie ever made."
1 stars (Total Crap)

I think i'm gonna be sick. seriously.

What the hell was that? what's going on here?!?
i mean, the original Batman(Keaton's) was great. Kilmer
Clooney? don't get me started.
don't expect me to explain the plot. mainly cuz i can't. it makes my head hurt.
and how in the hell did they drive those big ass cars on that statue(?!) when Robin(yet another ugh) couldn't handle a little motorcycle on it?
and Alfred, while DYING has time to make up a suit for Batgirl.
and how fucking big is that pinecone that is up Robin's ass?
and why in god's name is Batman smiling so damn much?
and why did they mess up Bane? there goes what would have been a great sequel with Knightsend and Knightfall.
i guess most of the blame falls on Joel Shitmaker. i mean Shuemacher. of course, he was just doing what the suits at WB told him to do. and therein lies the problem. Batman and Robin was made for two reasons:
1:to sell toys. plain and simple.
2:to inflate the egos of the actors in it. c'mon, Ahnuld as Mr. Freeze?!? read the fucking comic or watch the damn cartoon. Mr. Freeze is a skinny little man. and Chris o'Donnell? pu-lease.

hopefully, they will get it right next time. Do the Bane/Azreal story. or even Son of the Demon with Ra's al Ghul. make O'Donnell into Nightwing to get him out. get in Tim Drake. get Alec Baldwin for Batman. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. and what they want is a good movie. not 13 different Batman figures.

Of course they will prolly wind up doing the Clayfaces next. all 5 of them. just think, that's 5 big name stars they can miscast.

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