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Street Fighter
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by Ryan Arthur

"It can't be any worse than...oh hell, yes it can."
1 stars

Raul Julia's last movie is, without a doubt, the worst of an otherwise fine career.

If you've read my review for the Jean-Claude Van Damme hunk o' cheese movie Knock Off, you'd know of my general dislike for hack screenwriter Steven E. De Souza, the man responsible for chunks of cinematic feces such as The Flintstones, Judge Dredd and Beverly Hills Cop III, and the occasionally good action movie, such as Die Hard (and its sequel).

Well, Mr. De Souza also wrote and directed Street Fighter, possibly the worst video game-to-movie transfer ever.

Dear Lord in Heaven, does this movie suck sour frog ass.

The details aren't important, since the plot doesn't matter. All it really does is serve as an excuse to get the characters from the game into a central location so they can beat the hell out of each other. Oh wait, it's a PG-13 movie, so the hellacious beating will be toned down quite a bit. Right. So let's look at the casting here.

Raul Julia is the power-mad General M. Bison. 'Kay. He looks a little scrawny, which may have been the illness. So they gave him this God-awful padded suit to try and make him look bigger. He looks like a guy wearing a suit made of sponges getting ready to go on Letterman and sit in the water tank. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Colonel Guile, the All-American United Nations soldier with a French accent, who sounds and acts like every other character Van Damme's ever played. Uh-huh. There's Ming-Na Wen (an actress I normally like) playing the role of TV reporter/ninja girl Chun Li...and that's it. The rest of the roles are filled out by basically unknowns, with the exception of Cammy, played by Kylie Minogue (yes, THAT Kylie Minogue), who had the dubious distinction of being referred to as "the worst actress in the English-speaking world" by The Washington Post.
With praise like that, it's hard to see why this movie didn't do very well.

Actually, no it isn't. Even as a movie aimed at kids and fans of the game, the movie's a miserable failure. Oh sure, you see a few of the signature moves of the characters, but they certainly look goofy as hell on the big screen. It's obviously a lot more fun to control the action yourself. The action here breaks out pretty frequently (so you don't have to worry about that silly little plot or dialogue stuff), but none of it is all that entertaining.

Unlike the game, you're unfortunately left to the devices of Mr. De Souza. I pity you, viewer.

This was Raul Julia's last movie. I'd hope this wasn't what killed him, but I have my doubts.

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originally posted: 01/27/99 03:09:40
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User Comments

8/12/11 chris A fun parody of the game, no way those lines were intentional 4 stars
11/24/09 Albert Valentin Very funny adaptation. Miscasting galore and needs a reboot 2 stars
3/10/09 Jeff Wilder A big budget piece of nothing. Raul Julia was the best thing about it. 1 stars
7/27/08 The Dork Knight Superbly well-acted, powerful performances, great fx. 1 stars
12/14/07 Jason Worst movie ever! Better SFX on a 70's Dr Who show. I want my money back! 1 stars
10/11/07 Charles Tatum Couldn't even finish it- poor Raul Julia RIP 1 stars
5/07/07 Cindy this movie is ridiculous 1 stars
2/16/07 johnnyfog Cool have been cool, but the only people who matter are Guile and Bison. Why so many? 2 stars
10/23/06 WTF Here's my review of this movie. *takes shit on floor* 1 stars
9/28/06 Phiuk Yiu The guy that made this movie should get his ass kicked, shot up and thrown into a lions den 1 stars
7/18/06 David Cohen Even for a movie based on an arcade game, this was bad 1 stars
4/21/06 Sugarfoot An embarrassment! 1 stars
4/07/06 Aldo it's soo bad its actually enjoyable.. 3 stars
1/14/06 JM Synth So silly, its hard not to enjoy (at least for me). Bison Rules! 4 stars
1/02/06 cody a ok action flick based on game, the only good thing about this flick the humor jean claude 2 stars
12/12/05 Dan Van Damme gives a performance that would embarass an actor in an elementary school play! 1 stars
10/11/05 Wisamane LMAO! omg its worth looking at, it will have you laughing, aww hollywood your so funny :+) 4 stars
8/26/05 ES What the hell did you think it would be? 1 stars
7/23/05 Duffyboy666 What the fuck does Rane Julia think he's playing at? Anyone who buys this should be shot! 1 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma What a joke 1 stars
3/05/05 Felipe Barbosa da Cunha About the Sequel 2 stars
11/15/04 tarantinonut44 this is the worst movie ever, worse than Mortal Kombat Annihilation! 1 stars
10/15/04 blue IT SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!!! 1 stars
10/01/04 Remy UGHHH....... 2 stars
6/28/04 Dhailsim I laughed so hard. It was crap and i love it. such a geme 5 stars
3/24/04 Ken Stryker Since When Is Guile A French Speaking Soldier 1 stars
2/18/04 Whatevr Worst movie ever 1 stars
12/17/03 God WHY WHY WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY???? 1 stars
8/04/03 God No comment 1 stars
6/07/03 Kevin L. Clay, Jr. I loved it. 5 stars
5/20/03 Marlon H street fighter the movie rocks!!! 5 stars
3/12/03 Shao Kahn fatality 2 stars
2/06/03 Dave Oh dear 1 stars
1/01/03 Jack Sommersby Passable, undemanding, somewhat colorful entertainment. 3 stars
10/31/02 Cocky Mortal Kombat was SO much better than this piece of horse shit. 1 stars
10/11/02 SiliconHero This movie would have been MUCH better without Jean-Claude Van Dumbass. 1 stars
7/21/02 Dyan Being a chick dat I am, Van Damme is hot, but has no acting ability whatsoever!!! 4 stars
3/16/02 Sugarfoot Even for Van Damme this is a low point. JUNK 1 stars
2/27/02 AnnJoLeenah Ouch! I almost fainted throw this movie- my favourite game became a huge lot of crap in hre 2 stars
1/05/02 Magnum Craphole Interesting colors: like vomit on celluloid. And equally as nauseating. 1 stars
11/30/01 Cookie Cutter Laughably awful piece of crap that can't even stay true to the videogame. 1 stars
10/16/01 Shane Robert Myers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie is has its moments... But the truth is the story is too stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 stars
8/15/01 Henry Ginsberg What were you expecting?an action classic? 2 stars
7/09/01 Caligula so bad it led me to paranoid schizophrenia 1 stars
5/19/01 Thrillhouse This movie is so bad, it's funny. Talk about a awful cast and cheezy acting 1 stars
5/13/01 Spankachu sure this was bad, but hey Mortal Kombat 2 was worse 1 stars
4/16/01 nAtAsHa i don't care about how the movie goes, but as far as i'm concerned, ryu and ken is so cute 3 stars
4/01/01 Monster W. Kung I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows. 1 stars
3/28/01 Rampage what a load of B.S. (bullshit) Those of you who like it are idiots! 1 stars
3/25/01 Monster W. Kung Van Damme, let me tell you something. Your movies SUCK. And this SUCKED even worse. 1 stars
3/24/01 Alex Ok, bad castig + bad script= shit 1 stars
2/15/01 lisa this movie is so bad that it's amusing. ryu's abs is the only good bit. 2 stars
1/02/01 Destruction Worker This is my friends favorit movie, next to the Bone Collector and Dune. I pity da fool! 1 stars
11/29/00 Cristopher Revilla whoever rates this higher is a fucking retard, that means david, jed and joshua!! assholes! 1 stars
9/25/00 Kyle If you think Titanic is "Bad" this one sucks in sheer magnatude 1 stars
9/22/00 Joshua T. Hey, c'mon. It wasn't as cheesy and hard to watch as Mortal Kombat. 4 stars
9/14/00 Ground Zero It's movie garbage taken to the max! Avoid at all costs! JCVD is a no-skill hippie! 1 stars
9/12/00 Jed Not a bad movie at all. Julia is great as bison. 4 stars
4/29/00 Pansy David Rogers, your rating shows that you're a dope, JCVD needs to get a freakin' life! 1 stars
3/16/00 Richard Wright Cheesily entertaining. Fight scenes are hilarious, as are attempts at pathos near the end. 2 stars
3/09/00 David Rogers The best of any video game that turned into a movie. A must see. 5 stars
3/09/00 Mr. Kramitall Oh my God! Bitchslap that Van Damme! 1 stars
1/09/00 Hangman Thank god I did not see this smelly fucking shit in the theater otherwise I would have hang 1 stars
12/23/99 Reel Slasher who the fuck casted Geronimo as Sagat? 1 stars
11/10/99 JED! Ignore the backlash folks this isn't bad! 3 stars
10/17/99 Mr. Invincible Hey Van Damme! Get another carrer, you sorry-ass yutz! 1 stars
10/03/99 Joe Schmoe shit 1 stars
5/27/99 GothamDK This movie was a waste of film. Embarassed to have seen it. 1 stars
5/10/99 Ah Dooey Even worse than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 1 stars
10/24/98 Kwyjibo An utter disgrace. Sets looke dlike cardboard, actors looked wimpy, fights & script sucked. 1 stars
9/06/98 Young Einstein This could have been as good as Bloodsport, only they treated the audience like morons. 1 stars
8/31/98 Matt why was Deejay such a scrawny little wuss?? 1 stars
8/25/98 The Capital City Goofball "HAA DOOOO KEN!" 1 stars
8/20/98 The Man With The Helmet Weird how people haven't flocked to bitch this out. It really was awful. 2 stars
8/14/98 {{{OZ}}} Minogue. Nuff said 3 stars
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  07-Apr-1995 (PG-13)
  DVD: 27-May-2003



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