Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Reviewed By Rob Gonsalves
Posted 04/05/07 08:13:01

"All together now: We don't need another hero..."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Easily the best, funniest, and most exciting of the 'Mad Max' films; perhaps the presence of a co-director helped.

In the cheerfully bifurcated plot, Max (Mel Gibson, not the happiest camper during filming, and it shows) follows his stolen camel wagon to Bartertown, whose leader Aunty Entity (Tina Turner in a flamboyant performance to match her outfits) hires him as an assassin, or something; it doesn't matter, because as soon as he refuses to kill his opponent in the gladiatorial Thunderdome, he's exiled and winds up in some atavistic wasteland ruled by feral children, who think he's their messiah!

There's much more humor here than in the other movies, and Gibson is amusingly grouchy throughout he considers the kids a pain in the ass. Everything leads to the prolonged, obligatory chase at the end, a breathtaking pursuit involving all kinds of vehicles.

Great goofy fun, with a hilarious turn by diminutive horror veteran Angelo Rossitto as the Master ("You want foot in face?"). Dazzling cinematography by Dean Semler.

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