Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 10/31/98 02:08:31

"We toons may act idiotic, but we're not stupid."
5 stars (Awesome)

I would have been here right after you called, but I had to shake the weasels.


This movie really is a visual marvel, because it seamlessly blends the animation and live acting. Seamlessly. Toons cast shadows, shake live actors around and carry real guns. They change size and perspective along with the shot, just like live actors.

But they're still toons.

That means you also get the slapstick, the falling refrigerators and the near-miss knives landing just below a toon crotch.

Like Spork's review says, this really is fun for the whole family. Kids'll dig the cartoon humor and they'll be fascinated with the animation and the live action blended together. Adults will get the adult jokes (and there are a few). Dads especially will enjoy the sight of one Jessica Rabbit (voice of Kathleen Turner), the curvy, husky voiced spouse of Roger, who's just about as far from a rabbit as a person (or toon) can get.

Roger Rabbit (voice of Charles Fleischer) is framed for the murder of a gag gift creator, and Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), a down on his luck, boozing private eye, is the only one who can help out our boy. Both of them are being hunted by a group of animated weasels who work for the nefarious Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd), who's got plans for ToonTown, the place where all cartoons live. Roger and Eddie have to figure it all out and stop Doom before ToonTown gets "dipped," a phrase defining what happens when a toon is dipped in a mixture that dissolves it completely. The Dip will obliterate ToonTown, and all the toons in it, unless Roger and Eddie can do something about it.

Funny, sweet and pretty darn good. Highly recommended.

Is he always this funny, or only on days when he's wanted for murder?

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