Transformers: The Movie

Reviewed By Steve in Prague
Posted 03/12/01 01:36:49

"Like NOTHING you've ever seen before or since"
5 stars (Awesome)

Till the day when all are one!!!!!!

For me, this is the BEST animated movie of all time. Forget Legend of the Overfiend,forget Akira, forget Space Battleship Yamato, THIS Transformers Movie lays the smack down on all of them.

Plot: Unicrom (Orson Welles, yes THAT Orson Welles!!) wanders the galaxy, devouring planets. We see him in his "globe" form munching on machine worlds, much like Galactus.

Meanwhile, the Autobots have constructed 2 artificial moons in orbit around Cybertron. They are finally ready to launch a last all out offnsive against the Decepticons. Unfortunately, the Decepticons find out and attack first, many are killed on both sides (Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawn, Wheeljack, Skywarp etc etc). Then Optimus Prime shows up. He and Megatron battle hand to hand and, in the great tradition of heroes vs villians, they both fatally wound each other.

Prime dies, and the matrix of leadership is eventually passed to young, brash Hot Rod, who becomes Rodimus Prime (voice of Judd Nelson..yes, THAT Judd Nelson).

Unicrom finds Megatrons' corpse and rebuilds him as Galvatron (voice of Lenoard Nimoy, yes, THAT Lenoard Nimoy!!)

Eventually it turns into a WWF style Royal Rumble as all sides fight for supremacy. With KILLER animation, a GREAT hard metal soundtrack, and a tight plot, this movie is a 5 star winner.

Warning: This really isn't for kids. The violence level is quite high, and the scenes of the kiddies favorite autobots being melted, blasted apart, or ripped to pieces might cause trauma. And if you don't get a tearin your eyes during Optimus Prime's death bed speech, then you have NO heart.

Buy it, rent it, STEAL it, but SEE IT!!!!!!

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