Domestic Incident, A (short)

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 04/23/04 10:01:29

"Filmmakers: Underestimate the difficulty of screenwriting at your peril."
1 stars (Total Crap)

A man and wife (Neal Matarazzo and Jackie Debatin) come home from holidays only to find themselves mired in romantic doubt as hubby goes on a jealousy tirade. “Sometimes I wish you weren’t so attractive” he says, after bitching that his wife was dancing with other guys and made him ‘look bad’ by tipping the cab driver on the way home. His jealousy reaches fever pitch, however, when the two are awoken by a strange noise and find a neighbor (Todd Eckert) in their living room.

What follows is a weird let down. A Domestic Incident could have been a great set up. It could have been a big finish. But what it is, is an odd little anti-climactic morality tale that comes across more as a soap opera than a short film. Writer/director Christopher Harwood should be commended for getting his film made, mostly because the screenplay clearly was in no ready shape to be actually produced, yet somehow Harwood found someone who would pump money into the thing.

Of the cast, only Matarazzo seems uncomfortable with his outraged character, and you can see he’s struggling with how to make this all believable. Debatin hits all her notes like a seasoned pro, and Eckert is fine, but no amount of fine acting is going to make this screenplay look any better than a public service announcement on the dangers of keeping a gun in the house.


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