Little Bit of Soul, A

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Posted 09/22/98 19:55:46

"This goes beyond just being awful; it almost feels like a crime."
1 stars (Total Crap)

A talented young director, hot off his first feature, is on the phone to a respected actor: "Yeah, it's me. I'm so hot and happening that the FFC would give me money to film the phone book. So let's dupe them out of some cash, go to my mate's place in the country and cobble together a movie while we enjoy the scenery. You want in?"

The conversation that got A Little Bit Of Soul started? Probably not, but it's more than possible. This is a film so ramshackle, self satisfied, so thematically empty that it resembles nothing more than a bunch of wankers pissing around and trying to pass it off as cinematic entertainment.

In search of funding, a scientist (Wenham) turns to the Treasurer (Rush) and his wife (Mitchell) for assistance, visiting them at their country house. But when his ex-girlfriend (O'Connor) turns up chasing the same grant, the trouble really starts. Throw in some Satanism, murder and sex, and the silly plot collapses under its own stupidity.

A Little Bit Of Soul is an unmitigated disaster characterised by a lazy script and some shonky production values.

And after eliciting some fine performances in Children Of The Revolution, Peter Duncan manages to embarrass four excellent actors. After Rush's Oscar winning triumph in Shine, and O'Connor's current "it girl" status, this is doubly depressing.

The worst thing about A Little Bit Of Soul, however, is that everyone involved seems so happy with themselves. It's full of knowing winks, with the audience reduced to the role of an unwanted guest at a particularly snide and pretentious dinner party.

Made by people too shallow to examine emotional truths, A
Little Bit Of Soul trades on glib irony and attempted audacity.

Sloppy, cheap, and painfully unfunny, this feels like a con job made by people drunk on their own intelligence and status. A Little Bit Of Soul goes beyond just being awful; it almost feels like a crime.

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