Wedding Singer, The

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 09/05/98 07:23:17

"For those who are hungry like the wolf for 80's humor."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

I miss the eighties already.

The best part about the eighties was the video games. This was before the arcades were 95% full of one-on-one fighting games like Mortal Street Heroes LXXVIII Super Turbo Championship Edition. You had a hell of a lot more variety, graphics be damned.

If I had been a full-grown adult in the eighties instead of a teenager slumming his way through high school, I probably would have been one of those New Romantic-types fidgeting around with a synthesizer, trying to come up with a catchy tune that would become a smash hit. Even if I ultimately ended up a one-hit wonder calling my friends to let them know my song is playing right now on the "Flashback Hour".

But I digress.

Adam Sandler is Robbie Hart, a nice-guy wedding singer (hence the title... DUH) making his rounds at nuptials around the Jersey suburbs. He gets jilted at his own wedding and turns into a manic-depressive emcee. At the same time he meets Julia (Drew Barrymore), a waitress about to get married to a stockbroker (this is in 1985, before the big Dow crash), and basically falls in love with her. Julia's fiance is basically a jerk, so you can see a mile away how this film's gonna end.

But the real fun is catching the retro songs and spotting the 80s references. One of the guys in Robbie's backup band is named George, and he dresses up like a certain musician from the band Culture Club. The cook at one of the receptions wears a "Choose Life" T-shirt. Julia's betrothed pulls up in a DeLorean. Although some are quite anachronistic (like the guy who wants to know who shot J.R.), most of the gags are timely and quite funny.

For once, Adam tones down his loudmouth schtick, saving it for a couple select moments and one song. Drew is so cute in this film, you almost forget she was alcoholic and played a bunch of slut roles. Overall, this is a fun film that doesn't rack your brain.

Now all we need is a Betamax version of the video. Wouldn't that be perfect?

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