Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 01/26/99 21:10:11

"You're so... something... I can't remember the quote."
5 stars (Awesome)

I feel weird reviewing this movie because everyone should have seen it by now. If you haven't, don't even finish this review. Just go see the damn thing right now.

Jon Favreau (the dumbass in Very Bad Things) wrote and starred in this film about wanna-be actors struggling to justify their existence in the dating and acting worlds. It must be said, the boy can write. Can he act? Naaaah.

Thankfully, this film also uncovered a certain Vince Vaughan. You know vince. He's opposite Anne Heche in everything she ever does. But in this film, he is up and down supreme. He's Trent, Mike's best buddy desperately trying to get Mike over his ex of six months. Teaching Mike the rules of the dating scene is no easy task. When he finally get's a girl into a 'sex is imminent' situation, he starts talking about his ex. He's obsessed. But Trent is the opposite. He's the king of swing, the man with the plan, the scene-maker, the number-taker.

There's a Tarantino feel to a lot of this film, due in part to the pop culture references strewn within, but also in part to the satiric homages to other director's styles used in certain scenes.

Swingers should appeal to you, because it should appeal to anybody and everybody. It's fun and funny and smart and, yeah, it's cool. Trying to be cool inevitably leads to uncoolness, but here it's on the mark. The film is so well paced that it's an honest to goodness multiple viewer. In fact, it had more appeal to me on a second viewing, mainly because I missed some sneaky stuff the first time around.

Look out for a Heather Graham appearance at the end of the film, her last role before she became spank material for millions in Boogie Nights.

Favreau's mom and Vaughan's dad appear in cameos in the film, so you get the impression this was one of those low budget labors of love that people go through to find their big break in the biz, not really caring if it gets seen, just caring that it gets made. Well it got made, got seen and got some $6m from Miramax. They dont give that kind of cash to Carrot Top movies. Well, they don't, but someone does..

Not a bad thing to say about this film, other than Jon Favreau stinks as an actor. And that this is perhaps the first review of Swingers in history that didn't include the terms "money" or "beautiful babies". Oh wait...

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